Whether your event is a gala, product launch or tradeshow, touch screen devices and monitors can help increase fundraising, interactivity and brand awareness. Today’s blog will focus on four types of touch technology, how you might use them at your next event and the overall benefit of this option.

iPad Rentals

  1. When running a silent auction, you can have iPads available at every bidding station and allow guests to peruse through videos and photos of the item.
  2. Renting iPads for each gala table, allows guests take photos of the happenings around them and post their pics to a large video wall for all to see.
  3. If you are conducting a product launching event, iPads can give greater details about the new offering via a gamification app or providing the presentation directly to the user for note taking.
  4. For large training purposes, iPads are great for second screens and social sharing. The attendees can see the presentation from the mobile device, toggle to Twitter for Q & A and test their knowledge through an online polling app.

Charging Stations

  1. These mobile charging units have touch screen monitors above them allowing a sponsor or exhibitor the ability to show video and presentations about their products or services for up to 10 minutes while the attendee’s mobile device charges.
  2. Charging kiosks can be placed in strategic locations throughout the event including event registration, a learning lounge or outside busy sessions.
  3. Exhibitors or event planners can hold an interactive networking activity via a touchscreen contest, as an opportunity to get to know the attendees better and let them network with others.

Computer Kiosks

  1. Kiosk rentals can allow walk-in attendees to utilize electronic registration and self-serve check-in which is extremely useful when your staff is busy. Plus these units allows for 24/7 access of your event information.
  2. Kiosks can be placed in areas throughout your conference. Attendees can use the touch screen to: learn more about the speaker, find a breakout room or look at flight information for their return home.
  3. Trade show show managers can use kiosks for interactive booth maps that can allow users a virtual tour of each exhibitor so they can plan out who they will see during the course of the show.

Touch Screen Monitors

  1. These monitors are great in trade show booths to allow high-resolution depiction of product videos and live streaming of activities around the conference.
  2. Much like iPads, these monitors move apps in a sweeping motion making it easy for attendees to sweep through product presentation slides and photos.
  3. These monitors can act as digital signage in high traffic event areas directing attendees to sessions and displaying up-to-the-minute meeting information.

Overall Benefit

Touch technology helps connect attendees to your event because it engages them with tactical feel and because most devices are equipped with high resolution monitors and good audio output, three out of the five senses are immediately engaged – which allows your message to better resonate with attendees.

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