Have you ever thought… Wouldn't it be great to collect photos, videos, and text content from as many attendees as possible on a real-time basis?

Now there is a way to do so! With the assistance of mobile devices, great apps and interactive technology tool rentals, meeting organizers can easily gather data from attendees. While there are many benefits of allowing attendees to create and curate event content, the best benefit is your ability to use their words when selling next year's conference to potential attendees and sponsors. After all, the best sales persons for your event are your attendees!

Here are 13 ideas to engage meeting participants, the social channels to use and technology tools that can display their results: 


  • Create a hashtag and ask attendees to include it with their tweets.  
  • Show live tweets on Video Wall rental units and Plasma LCDs
  • If you have a multi-day conference assemble a listing of the tweets and display the best ones on your presentation services audio visual equipment. 


  • Ask attendees to take photos of presenters, sponsors, exhibitors and during networking time. Post on the Video Wall. 
  • Post photos on your Facebook Fan Page and ask attendees to like the ones they think are the best. 


  • Video attendees response to this question, "Why did you decide to attend this conference?"
  • Have a "Question of the Day" to interview attendees about. 


  • Interview attendee responses to this question, "What are you learning from this meeting?" 
  • Video exhibitors answering this question, "What can your company provide to attendees?"  and display the video on computer kiosks located throughout the meeting space. 


  • Ask presenters to write a guest blog post sharing additional details and insights about their presentations. 
  • Ask attendees to write blog posts about the event and promote those posts through social channels. 


  • Ask attendees for feedback on the speakers, content and meeting. Display results on the Video Wall rentals or Plasma TVs.
  • At the end of the conference, ask attendees about learning needs and opportunities. 

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Original Source: 25 Opportunities for Content Creation at Events and Conferences from The Brainzooming Group.