“What did you say?”

Think about your exhibit hall…what words come to mind? How about noisy, busy and hard to hear?

But what if you and your exhibitors could deliver your messages in a quiet atmosphere – albeit, still on that noisy floor? Impossible you say? Not really! Below are two examples of doing just that:

The first is using wireless headsets (think museum exhibits) and the other is called a sound shower where conversations are encapsulated in a “dome” to ensure background noise is kept to a minimum. This blog post will explain how both of these offerings work and how you might take advantage of them for your next show.

Wireless Headsets

At the Million Dollar Round Table last February, the exhibit hall has many barriers to hear, which included:

  • 2,000 attendees on the floor at the same time;
  • 10′ x 10′ trade show booths stacked next to each other;
  • Booth presentations – with many of them being concurrent sessions
  • Networking pods
  • A hospitality area and
  • A trade show technology bar.

With all this activity going on, is it any wonder attendees had a hard time hearing?

Given that things were not going to change, the organizers’ turned to an infrared amplification system to broadcast the presenter’s message to wireless headsets. The ConneXion Zone, as they called it, was divided into 5 zones, each one having its own audio channel.

The results?

“Attendees were able to really focus in on the sessions they wanted to hear, without any other distractions. We saw people asking questions, and in every one of the zones, people went up to talk to the speakers to continue the conversation,” stated Audra Kubilius, event program planner for Million Dollar Round Table.

Sound Shower

Have you ever been on a trade show floor and wanted to see a demonstration of a product or talk further with a vendor but really could not because the noise level was too high?

Welcome to the environment of a large, crowded trade show floor.

But what if you could carry on said conversation with highly-focused and amplified audio, tailored specifically to be heard only by visitors within a specified listening area? In other words, only the people in the zone could hear and listen to each other – what would you think of that?

This technology, offered by SmartSource Rentals, has a microphone and amplifier that listen to and automatically respond to the level of ambient noise based on real-time noise level on the trade show floor.

The benefits of a sound shower are:

  • Clean and crisp audio
  • Highly targeted sound with no spill-over effect
  • Volume control automatically responds to background noise

In summary, whatever you choose to rent for the trade show floor, it is important that attendees hear the message!

When renting audio visual equipment, please contact SmartSource Rentals to learn more about their innovative sound offerings!