happyWhether you are managing a nonprofit, association or corporate event planning staff, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all the rage with attendees. They want to do good and give back. But the truth of the matter is they have very little time to serve on boards or do manual labor.

Given that criteria, here are three apps that can run on iPad or laptop rentals. They can give attendees flexibility in their giving or you can set a goal as to how much you want to raise by the end of your conference. You can even show your percentage to goal on a video wall. All of this encourages attendees to give, creates a level of competition and in the end, provides hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to a great cause.


It starts out with a fundraising goal.

With Omaze there are a list of several diverse charities already. When an attendee donates, they are automatically entered for the opportunity to win a prize. The more they donate, the better chances they have of winning. If the attendee invites their social media friends, they earn extra credit by helping raise awareness of the cause.

The process works just like a charity raffle. Once the deadline to enter for the experience passes, say just before the start of the last session, Omaze collects all the entries and select the winners through a computer generated random selection process.

The goal of the campaign is tracked over time so you can see how your conference supporters impacted lives.


In 2012, the NYC Marathon raised $8,730,555 through Crowdrise.  

The New York Road Runners partnered with CrowdRise to encourage every single runner to fundraise. There were no minimums and all of the money raised via the teams was rolled up into the total amount raised.

The way this works is you have a team that selects a nonprofit they are passionate about. Each individual on the team sets their own fundraising goal. They use social channels to encourage their friends and family to support their cause and meet their individual and team goals.

This is a great application for a large event where teams can be formed. Event organizers can use video walls, charging kiosks or  trade show kiosks to show the status of each team throughout the day. This creates buzz and engagement. It also helps to spread the word about your event.


BidPal’s event planning solution is a more inclusive nonprofit online event management site.

At the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, they went from paper bid sheets to handheld devices.

Event organizer, Kathy Carbonari investigated automated auctions and discovered that BidPal has been wirelessly automating charitable auctions since 2008. By allowing guests to bid from anywhere at any time during the event, and notifying them when they’ve been outbid, charitable organizations receive, on average, three times more bids per item.

With the help of BidPal, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago increased silent auction proceeds by 200 percent! This item can easily run an iPad rental. 

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