You’re almost there. The venue is booked, the menu is set, the invites have gone out. Now all that is left to do is wait for the big night, right? Wrong! Here are three tips to make sure your bases are covered and to help give your party the modern elements every event needs to be successful.

Tip #1 – An Open Bar is Not Entertainment

Have you thought about entertainment? I don’t mean the DJ or open bar. I mean the toasts, the accolades, and the boss taking center stage and speaking words of inspiration for the coming year. Don’t think it will happen? It always does. But if you plan for it, it will be memorable, and you will look like a star event planner for being ready.

Solution:  A small, affordable AV package like this can support planned and impromptu speeches, or caroling. It includes a 65” monitor that could serve as a focal point for a “this year in pictures” slide show, which you can make in advance for free at sites like But perhaps the best part of this AV Holiday Party Package is that it comes with an onsite AV technician to work the electronics for the evening (half day)…one less thing for you to have to take care of.

Tip # 2 – Create a (fun) Memory

Yes, the open bar will assist in creating memories, but not the kind most people will be proud of, unfortunately.  Creating memories people can look back on with fondness takes a little more work.


  • Games! GameBuzz by Studio North is a fun and creative interactive game that can be branded for your company and populated with quizzes about your business. It’s an awesome game for sales organizations or any company where knowing the business of the business matters.  This video explains how it works.
  • Holiday themed pictures make the best takeaway for a company party because they live on for months afterwards on people’s desks or on the company billboard.  For a larger company, a Giant Snow Globe is a fun way to take team pictures because it accommodates up to six people at a time.  For a more intimate picture experience, the Green Screen Photo package is simple and fun. Guest’s images are superimposed over a themed background.

Tip #3 – Supercharge Your Party to Keep it Going

Yes, the will get them there, but once it closes, usually shortly after the cocktail hour, you’ll need something extra . One surefire way to keep guests engaged at a party is to make sure their cell phones are charged. It might sound strange, but for the anxious parent concerned about an ill child, or the fun-loving employee concerned about the next party stop of the night, or the attendee who can’t stay away from their phone, charged cellphones matter a whole lot.

Solution:  .  The Hightop Table Charging Station is perfect for the holiday party environment because it serves double duty as a charging station and a cocktail table.  Plus, it can be branded with the party theme or a company name.

By adding a little technology to the mix, your holiday event will appear polished and memorable, in a good way.