As you develop plans for an attractive and appealing booth this year, consider the following tips to bring more attendees to your space and ultimately more business to your company’s bottom line.

Here are a subset of the 19 ideas provided by BizBash, plus a few of my own thoughts on ways interactive technology tool rentals can help as you initiate your 2014 plans.

Resolution #1: My Booth will be Interesting and Engaging and so will I. 

Here are a few ideas to make this happen:

  • An interactive video wall rental can help tell your company’s story through a series of videos, live chats, photos, presentations and social channel displays. 
  • Attract Milliennials by engaging with them the way they are comfortable – through texting and social channels. As of this moment the most popular channels for this demographic are Twitter and Instagram. For the 25 year and under crowd, don’t forget SnapChat.
  • Use data to your advantage. By scanning an attendee’s badge through a lead retrieval system, you can gather basic information about them in an instant and spend the rest of your time figuring out how you can serve them. In addition, you can use texting, email and social to keep in touch with them throughout the show.
  • Follow-up. This is the year for you to follow-up on every lead, no matter how small the opportunity.

Resolution #2: I will Take Time for Design. 

Designing a booth with the right colors, fabrics and furniture can be time-consuming. But if done right, you will be the hit of the show! Here’s how:

  • Create a family room environment. Choose a color scheme that is cooler and furniture that is comfortable and familiar.
  • With lounging spaces within the booth, add a charging station where both the attendee and their mobile devices can recharge at the same time. 
  • Review your light equipment rental options in greater detail. Great strides have been made in the last year to make lighting more flexible, lighter and cooler. Get with your AV provider to set the right mood in your booth.

Resolution #3: I will Focus on the Budget. 

  • Look at ways to reduce your printing, shipping, labor and drayage costs. By investing in technology such as Digital Document libraries and iPad rentals you can eliminate all your marketing materials. Forget about the tchotchkes. Focus on giving attendees what they want, when they want it and not only will your budget stay intact but your prospects will be much happier.
  • Go to the right trade shows. Before signing up the show you have been to for the last 37 years, do some investigation to make certain each show will provide you with the prospects that will eventually lead to customers. Don’t be swayed by competitors, location or size. Spend the time to really justify why it makes sense to be there.
  • Spend money on items that bring you brand awareness, product engagement and appeal to your target audience. More and more that will be through technology offerings such as 4K Plasma Displays and Sound Showers.

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