I think most event planning organizations would agree with this statement: Meeting planning used to be a whole lot simplier. Food & Beverage, Rooms Blocks and renting Audio Visual equipment was a breeze. No worries about food allergies, attendees going around the block or confusion about what to rent. 

In the meeting room, it would be coffee, a stage, podium and PowerPoint Presentation Equipment. Easy-peasy. Attendees were happy. Presenters were happy. Sponsors were happy. 

So, what happened? In a word – technology. Here are 3 ways most rental companies are keeping up and bringing value based alternatives to planners like you.  


  1. Look at All Your Alternatives. 

    When planning your meeting, keep an open mind about technology. Here are some things to consider: 

    • Stage Lighting – Could be anything from LED to Solar Powered – check and choose the best option for your event. 
    • Trade Show Technology Rentals now include Sound Showers to keep sound in a bubble and remove exterior noise.
    • Learning Lounges or Relaxation Stations are now set up in living room formats armed with iPad rentals and Charging Stations to allow attendees to recharge themselves and their devices at the same time. 
    • WiFi event solutions now need to be in every area of the event space; as those areas are now community meeting areas of 4 to 14 individuals. 
  2. Flexibility is the Key. 

    Attendees now want flexible seating in meeting rooms and opportunity to meet in ubiquitous locations such as hallways or previously considered dead spaces within the venue. 

    These new configurations are calling for Second Screens, where attendees can view what is on stage from their mobile device. They don't even need to be in the room due to live streaming options available at most event locations. 

    In addition, large Plasma Displays may make sense where meeting participants are unable to easily view the stage; whether they are in the back of the room or out in the hallway. 

    "Events today are constantly evolving in terms of formats, technology and delegate expectations and centers need to be able to respond to this – often within the constraints of a fixed set of spaces," stated Geoff Donaghy, CEO of International Convention Centre Sydney. The good news is your audiovisual rental organization can provide great options when you run into limitations within the space. 

  3. Natural Light can Now Work to Your Advantage. 

    Do you remember the days when the curtains needed to be closed and the lights dimmed in order to see a presentation? Due to great innovations, this is no longer the case. The lumens on a LCD projector can vary and respond to natural light within a meeting room. Attendees are more engaged and responsive if they are exposed to natural light and a scenic view. 

    In addition, many planners are moving their meetings outside. When event planning, consider using WiFi Network Arrays that can extend the venue's network outdoors in a safe, robust and fast Internet environment. 

Overall, event planners are looking for attractive, modern seating options with the right lighting coupled with fit-to-purpose WiFi solutions for business and social interaction. If you work with a partner like SmartSource Rentals, they can bring state-of-the-art interactive technology solutions to your meeting while staying within your budget guidelines!