fearOn Wednesday, Fears Part 1, we tackled attendance fears (both no people or too many) and keeping the networking interesting and fresh.

Today, we will help you understand how to keep your attendees there until the end of the conference and why hiring a quality event audio visual rental company is an important factor to your meeting. 

FEAR: Attendees will take off early. 

Every event organizers desires to keep the attendee excited and engaged until the bitter end. But it seems more and more that the first day has 100% attendance, the second about 75%, and the 3rd day you are lucky to be at 50%. 

FIX: Keep them engaged, interested, and motivated. 

By allowing for maximum interactivity with conference attendees, right from the start, will create an environment to keep attendees engaged. Rent Tablet PCs with meeting applications preloaded onto the mobile device and make certain your Wi-Fi access is robust and fast, which may require renting a Wi-Fi Network Array. Keep the attendees motivated to stay until the end by having engaging speakers to open and close your conference. And if you really want them to stay, offer to raffle something of great interest to the attendee such as an iPad or vacation trip. 

FEAR: The Audio Visual and/or Wi-Fi equipment will malfunction. 

Since AV equipment and Wi-Fi connectivity are so integral to the success of any meeting or event, having the equipment or network go down is an event planner’s greatest nightmare. And having support to fix the problem via the telephone only or in a building miles away,  only compounds the issue.

FIX: When renting audio visual equipment, hire only the best and have them onsite. 

Hiring a quality AV firm that can provide you with state-of-the-art equipment and Wi-Fi network arrays will give you peace of mind because you will not need to go through multiple firms for your event needs. Having qualified AV technicians and project managers onsite will also provide you with the resources at hand if something does go awry at the last minute. These professionals are trained to resolve any problem quickly. 

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