For any business, customer relationship management is one of the most important goals—both to create new customers and to strengthen the relationships with existing patrons. Business events need to pull in visitors, but most importantly, they need to CONVERT visitors—moving them deeper into the sales funnel. Events are a perfect opportunity to create awareness of a company’s products and services, as well as the right time to reinforce our familiarity with our target audience and their wants—making sure that our offerings are meeting the right needs, and then showing guests how our products can help them!

More than a luxury, lead retrieval systems are a necessity at today’s events because they are DESIGNED to connect businesses to their customers—helping exhibitors effectively bridge the gap between a customer’s needs and a company’s services. Here are the top five benefits that make lead retrieval technology a keystone of successful customer relationship management.

  1. Personal Convenience—ideally, event organizers should use an unobtrusive process that gathers accurate attendee information without inconveniencing guests or interfering with their event experience. Rather than endless amounts of form-completion, card swapping, introductions and explanations, a well-implemented lead retrieval system makes sharing and gathering information effortless, instantaneous, quantifiable, and trackable. The information is also accurate, without the mistakes and misspellings that are common with handwritten forms. For events, speed is important—knowing a guest’s name, company, job function, and event goals puts an exhibitor two steps ahead! Through badges, bar codes, QR codes, scanners, and RFID, it’s possible for exhibitors to immediately gather all the relevant attendee information they need to provide an effective presentation, tailored to each guest.
  2. Effective Connections—follow ups are mandatory. Lead retrieval systems gather the right information and help exhibitors to generate leads, understand customer needs, form better relationships, and convert leads into sign-ups, memberships, partnerships, and SALES. Better still, the information gathered is available in real time, as the event occurs—allowing business representatives to follow through on leads immediately, without waiting until the event concludes. The systems help both organizers and attendees by gathering information on what attendees need, and helping organizers ensure that those needs are met. All attendee data, surveys, forms, and notes are easily exported to a company’s CRM program.
  3. Data Capture—data capturing technology is designed to gather attendee information; however, it’s also about integration, customization, product development, and more. On the surface, the data gathered can be as simple as contact information for potential clients. At deeper levels, it can reveal the information that is vital to corporate branding and direction. The information gathered can reflect nearly any focus, and that limitless potential can be a bit overwhelming—ideally, ask yourself what questions you would like answered, and have your tracking system customized to provide that data.
  4. Corporate Image—attendee tracking and data gathering are ways to help differentiate your business from other players by impressing your audience with efficiency and attention to personal details. For events and exhibitors, brand image is important. By implementing technology such as RFID scanners, your corporate event can benefit from speedy registration, instant informational exchanges, accurate data, and attendee personalization. The right lead retrieval system is sleek—the technology is gathering data, independently, without being in the way. It helps to immediately transfer information between exhibitors and attendees without additional work.
  5. Business Results—when these elements are all in place, results are nearly guaranteed. A trusted technology partner can provide the right lead retrieval system, customize it to your specifications, and give recommendations on how to use it to maximize your business potential!