Whether you are training medical conference attendees, launching a new scientific product or teaching IT staff about new software technology, it’s important to provide participants with a space that promotes learning, engagement and collaboration. While the usual training rentals are still relevant, we have seen an uptick in requests for Virtual Reality and gaming systems as a fresh way to immerse participants into the training material.

Here are five items that require special attention when selecting your facility and training room.


Training Must-Haves


Once you know how many learners will be in the session, determine what setup will maximize group dynamics. First, verify the space you need for computers and notetaking. Next, decide on the room setup for your conference room or training room. The three most popular configurations, with the space requirements per participant, are as follows:

  • Classroom: 16 to 25 square feet
  • U-Shape: 33 square feet
  • Boardroom: 50 square feet

Here’s an example. If you have a 2,000 square foot room, you can fit 80-125 individuals into that room with a classroom setup.

Last, when you are on a site visit, peer into a room that has the setup you want. Sit on the chairs. Write on the table. Inspect where the electrical outlets are located. Look for any learning obstacles you see and address them with the facility manager.


Choose a location where the restrooms, meal area and networking space are on the same floor and near your meeting space. Providing proximity to all necessary amenities will allow you to keep breaks short and your meeting on track.

Climate Control

Provide the optimal room temperature, and trainees will learn. If the room is too warm, participants will get sleepy. Too cold, they will walk out. Choose a venue where the thermostat is in the room and can be adjusted accordingly.


Natural light streaming from large windows provides the optimal training environment. If you are showing a video or PowerPoint presentation, blinds or shades can be pulled. If natural light is not available, ambient lighting controlled through a dimmer is the next best thing. In certain cases, specialized event lighting rentals may be required.


Training is not complete without the proper technology. In general, the most requested items for training sessions are:

In 2018, we are seeing a higher demand for VR equipment for medical training, and Gaming rentals for video game launches are also gaining momentum, especially as more apps are being developed in this arena.

The right equipment can mean the difference between learners retaining the information or a feeling that the training was a waste of their time. Test the venue’s WiFi beforehand to determine if it is fast and secure enough to serve your needs.


Looking to Select the Right Technology Partner?

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