In the last year, WiFi has gone from being a “nice to have” to a necessity. But you have probably already figured that out, along with the fact that getting WiFi for an outdoor event is way different than getting it for an indoor event. Here are 5 things you need to know about WiFi for outdoor events that may help bring bigger success to your next event:

  1. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to WiFi. How the WiFi is being used dictates which technology option is best and most affordable.
  2. Most outdoor event production companies use WiFi only for production purposes, leaving attendees to rely on their personal data plans for virtual communications.
  3. Everything from payroll to medical services (VoIP communications), RFID ticketing to vendor transactions require stable and secure WiFi at an outdoor event.
  4. It is possible to offset the cost of WiFi by creating sponsorship opportunities using Captive Portal and Voucher marketing tools at events with a high number of attendees.
  5. There are three primary vehicles for distributing WiFi bandwidth at outdoor events: Cellular, Satellite, and Microwave. Which technology works best depends on how you’ll use it and the landscape and remoteness of your event.

If you are interested in learning about real-life applications of WiFi technology at outdoor events, we invite you to listen to our podcast, “WiFi Options for Outdoor Events.”