Tablets and business go hand in hand, and the technology of iPad and Android tablets is notoriously adaptable. When Event Planners bring in a fleet of tablets and pair them with a combination of stands, branding and mounting, then the possibilities become nearly endless.

Tablet technology offers several specific advantages over desktops, laptops, kiosks, or more permanent systems. Tablets are remarkably portable. Their small size allows them to fit neatly and unobtrusively into a wide variety of spaces without difficulty. Furthermore, the technology is familiar and unintimidating—making the units inviting and approachable; guests feel at home.

The mounted iPad rentals are an attractive and engaging way to share and display information, facilitate registration, promote branding, and distribute surveys. In his iPad stations demonstration, our Senior Vice President of Technology Products and Services, Steve Shatsoff, offers the following suggested uses of these remarkable technology options:

1. Cyber Cafés – Use a cluster of mounted tablets to create a Cyber Café that is fully branded for either the organizer or a sponsor. The display areas and faceplates can be customized and branded with logos, drawing further attention to the event or creating sponsorship potential.
2. IPad Stands – Mount iPads or tablets on table stands or individual stands, in either portrait or landscape format. This accessory helps event organizers easily place a freestanding iPad in any location.
3. Document Library Stations – Use iPads to create a document library station. This is an attractive way to display, organize and distribute documents. The document library lets attendees easily capture the information that they need and email it to themselves, while it also allows Event Organizers to capture leads.
4. Registration Check-In Stations – Use iPads to create a Registration Check-In setup. This is a neat and compact way of quickly enabling this necessary process. It’s also engaging—guests are accustomed to working with tablets, and the technology makes the process less intimidating, more functional and more fun.
5. Survey Areas – Use iPads to run surveys. Either after the event or for breakout sessions at meetings, iPads on stands are a compact way to gather the feedback that Event Organizers or Meeting Planners need.
6. Comprehensive Charging Stations – Use an Apple Charging Station at the end of the day. This is the ideal way to charge up to 30 tablets at a time, from a single plug. The station is lockable, to guarantee safety and security. This system also allows image uploads and ensures that everything is ready for the next day or the next event!

Apple iPad stations combine the tablets’ practicality, accessibility and user-friendliness, with the stability and organization of more formal computer setups. These iPad stations have the smallest possible footprint, while providing maximized surface area for branding, graphics, ads, and visual appeal.

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