Computer kiosks are durable and ideal for tradeshow and event use. This technology usually includes a touchscreen monitor, PC that is encased in a locked, durable cabinet, and wireless Internet. The best things about this tool is it can be utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, requires minimum set up and take down, and does not have to be manned by a person.Touch Panel Kiosk Applications Include:

  • Self-service event registration: This is ideal at a large conference where many of the attendees may be checking in over a several day or several hour period of time. By letting the attendees know ahead of time, allows them the maximum flexibility in arriving at the event. In addition, if your meeting wishes to allow for last minute walk-in registrants, the kiosk can be fitted with a secure credit card reader.
  • Wireless Internet Cafe: During breaks and in the evening hours, attendees can search the Internet for restaurant and attraction suggestions, as well as, the ability to check their emails.
  • Digital Signage: With a large association meeting or convention, computer kiosks can be strategically positioned throughout the conference to direct attendees to their meeting rooms.
  • Interactive Sitemaps: Using a GPS software package, attendees can see where they are on the convention floor and trace turn-by-turn directions as to where they wish to go, or even walking directions within the city.
  • Product Launching Events: Kiosks can be used for teaser videos, testing the attendee’s knowledge about the company, or even playing games.
  • Surveys: Attendees can be asked to take a survey about the event using touch panel kiosks located throughout the event. No more papers to process and input. All the data is located on the PC or Internet and attendees can fill it out anytime during the conference.
  • Playback of Digital Presentations: If your meeting or conference is hosting a lot of breakout sessions, it is possible to load those presentations on the kiosks and allow attendees to view the presentations they missed, anytime during the conference. If the session was being recorded with a video camera, it is also possible to load the video onto the kiosks.
  • Exhibitor Locator Stations: This is a map of the exhibit floor, but it allows attendees to type in an exhibitor’s name and locate their booth easily.
  • Lead Retrieval Systems: Rather than gathering business cards, a booth exhibitor can direct an attendee to the kiosk and ask them to fill out a brief information gathering form. In addition, if the exhibitor staff is busy, the kiosk can serve as a marketing person, running video, asking questions, and playing games.
  • Event Promotion and Sponsorship Opportunities: Unlike most promotional opportunities, kiosks offer endless ways because the branding can be placed on the unit and within the PC! Here are the ways your organization can brand any kiosk rental at your next event:
    • Brand on the Physical Monitor
    • Brand on the Kiosk Body
    • Continuously run on the kiosk monitor
      • Company Slogans
      • Company Logos


Computer Kiosks can also have the following accessory optional features:
– Keyboard – Headphones
– Magnetic Stripe Reader – Printer
– Webcam


Here are the benefits of computer kiosk technology:
– Easy to Use – Touch Panel Kiosks are highly intuitive
– Durable – One-stop marketing tool with

  • Internet
  • Corporate Logos
  • Digital Signage
  • Color Graphics and Video
– Small Footprint – Ideal for selling different level sponsorships