ipad rentalHave you ever wondered what the big deal is with iPads and tablets? Why can’t you just do things with paper and binders? While the answer is, you can do the "same old, same old" way of running your meetings, attendees are demanding a better way to be engaged and wowed.

Here are some important reasons why renting tablet technology makes sense at your next meeting:

  1. Up-to-date Conference Agenda. Any experienced meeting planner knows, things change at the last minute. Meeting rooms get shuffled around, speakers cancel, and/or the timing of the agenda changes because the general session ran over. If you arm every attendee with a tablet, they will have all updates instantanously.
  2. In-depth Speaker Information. Tablets can contain bios, photos, testimonials, and video of the speaker so attendees will feel like they really know the presenter before sitting down in their session. 
  3. Unlimited Sponsorship Opportunities. In a printed program, event organizers are often limited to a specific number of sponsors. Rent iPads and get creative on event sponsorship for every session, networking event, and/or even logo the iPad itself!
  4. Property and Exhibitor Floor Map. On tablet technology, you can post the map of the meeting venue, hotel, and trade show floor. There are even GPS applications out there that will take you directly to the exhibitor booth you are looking for.
  5. Interactive Concierge Services. Through the use of Internet applications, such as CitySearch, Yelp, or TripAdvisor, attendees can learn more about restaurants and local attractions. 
  6. Many applications are easy-to-use and affordable. Meeting applications are becoming more intuitive and cost-efficient, especially compared to the cost of designing, laying out, printing, and assembling meeting materials. Don’t forget to take into consideration your time and the time of your staff in putting together printed materials. MeetingApps is a great way to get started, with a listing of over 1,000 applications.
  7. Rent iPads to produce a green meeting. Tablets reduce most paper and require a lot less energy output than a laptop. Battery life can be up to 10 hours most tablets are very lightweight. In addition, paper can be elimated entirely or vastly reduced. 
  8. Taking notes is easy. Attendees can take notes right on the iPad and email those notes to their email account for viewing or printing at a later time.  

AV Event Solutions, has first- and second-generation iPads available to rent. Using their express quote form, you can find simple, affordable, and customized offerings that will be fully supported by AV Event Solutions knowledgeable technicians and project managers.