What is Google Glass and how is it applicable in the meetings industry? Glass is a wearable technology that goes over a user’s right eye and allows them to do pretty much everything they would on a computer or smartphone including web searches, answer phone calls, and complete video recordings. It is integrated with Google+, GMail and other apps. 

Here is a brief video of what Glass looks like: 

Below are 8 great uses of Glass by meeting professionals that are using this technology and are part of the Explorer program. This blog post is a microcosm of an article originally posted in BizBash magazine and has even more meeting uses cited there.

Hugh Lee the Owner of Fusion Productions has been wearing Glass for around four months and uses it in the following ways:

  1. Hands-Free PowerPoint Presentations Control.
    Instead of having to look at the screen or teleprompter, Lee can look at his notes and slides on Glass.
  2. Translation of Your Digital Signage
    This is great for international attendees who cannot read the signage. It isn’t perfect, because it is slow, but Lee stated it is better than the alternative – which is no translation at all.
  3. Breakout Descriptions as You Near the Room. 
    Through the use of Glass and geofencing, Lee can see a brief description of the speaker, including tips and slides, while he is nearing the session.

Jessica Levin, President of Seven Degrees Communications, has been wearing Glass for over 10 months and feels it offers the following insights:

  1. The Ability to Transition to a Hands-Free World. 
    She feels this is the next big boom with technology; just as smartphones were 5+ years ago.
  2. Second Screen and Elimination of Large Screens in the Front. 
    Individuals will be able to see PowerPoint on their Glass and hold interactive presentations with the presenter through social media channels or texting. No screens in the front; just the presenter.

Dan Parks the President and Creative Director of Corporate Planners United has been using Glass for 6 months and finds it useful in the following areas:

  1. Taking Notes.
    When he wants to take notes, all he has to do is say “take a note” and a microphone will appear and when he stops, it sends the results to Evernote.
  2. Video Recording. 
    When in a meeting, you can record what everyone says and then that becomes the living, breathing document of truth.

David Haas, Director of Technology Solutions at Freeman XP has been a Glass Explorer for about a month. He loves:

  1. Google+ Hangouts. 
    As long as you have a G+ account, you can have a hangout which allows you to videoconference with up to 10 individuals at the same time. All he says is, “Glass, set up a Hangout” and it is done.

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