By Tia Crawford

A training session has clear goals, and a company’s progress depends upon its success. Training events move a company forward. They can refocus the efforts of a department, team, or the business in general. They boost morale and motivation. Most importantly, they fine-tune and advance the skills of the workforce, ensuring that corporate goals are being met—ensuring that the company is projecting excellence at all levels. Simply put:

Every business needs a trained workforce.

Training is heavily based in audiovisual technology—we need to see the material in order to fully understand, digest, and process it. Specific technology can easily help deliver the maximum potential for any training event. With this in mind, here is a list of the eight tech options that best help event planners and corporate trainers distribute and promote educational material to every attendee.

Tech Choices that Optimize Training

  1. Sound Systems – an audience cannot connect to a speaker or educator without clear sound. At the very least, most basic form of training, a single speaker can deliver a powerful message to a group—but only if that message can, literally, be delivered loud and clear. Professional technicians can match the right mixer, microphones and speakers to the exact training venue and audience size.
  2. Projectors and Screens – moving on to the next training level—if your session involves a speaker backed-up by presentations and visuals, then a combination of LCD projectors and Plasma display monitors will help guarantee that every seat has a clear view of the material they need.
  3. Audience Response Systems – even if your session consists simply of a single speaker, an Audience Response System can make a huge difference in the behavior of your audience.  With ARS keypads in hand, every member of your audience will hang on each word of the lecture—motivated by the knowledge that their  engagement matters and that their involvement is expected. ARS technology is excellent for promoting involvement, increasing retention, and for gathering valuable feedback from the employees themselves.
  4. Attendee Tracking Systems – we live in a world of big data. There are excellent reasons to make training sessions mandatory for employees, as well as to track the progress and involvement of individual participants. For this level of information-gathering, an Attendee Tracking System is ideal. An Attendee Tracking System provides you with exactly the data that you need on the ROI of an event, as well as attendees’ participation, interests, and achievements.
  5. IPad Rentals – certain training sessions require hands-on interaction, experience, testing, and feedback. For these situations, iPad rentals can put the ideal technology directly into the hands of every attendee. Best of all, iPads combine sound, screens, and tracking data into an individualized, single form of technology. For high-tech training sessions, iPads are currently the most advanced, most customizable training session delivery method.
  6. Server Rentals – behind the scenes, your event may need a reliable, secure server that powers and commands your presentations, interactive experiences, and data-gathering.
  7. Digital Signage, LCD Plasma Displays – gone are the days of printed cardboard signage. For schedules, agendas, and wayfinding, digital signage is the new industry standard.
  8. WiFi Boosters – even if your training session only requires a great lecture and a top-notch sound system, your attendees are likely to remain connected to their devices. Give them the best possible connection for networking, information gathering, social media connection and comments, and overall feedback. WiFi boosters are a basic necessity for today’s events.

With so much riding on the success of your training event, it makes sense to provide the right delivery system for your valuable content. With a little bit of professional advice and a few technology rentals, you can guarantee that all eyes are on your training presentation, and all minds are actively engaged, moving towards your company’s future!