Annual partner meetings are pivotal events for law firms. These gatherings offer partners a unique opportunity to reflect on past performance, celebrate achievements, and strategize for future growth. In fact, a well-organized partner meeting can invigorate a firm’s leadership, foster unity, and drive success.  

Before you begin, it’s important to understand your legal firm’s unique culture and values, which will allow you to shape your meeting to address any specific preferences or traditions within the firm. You also need to be sure you are addressing the firm’s most critical issues or setting specific goals and challenges you want to meet. Finally, ensure some activities and opportunities allow all participants to engage, share feedback, and feel included. 

To make sure your meeting is a success from start to finish, here’s a detailed meeting checklist to help you plan a partner event that leaves a lasting impact: 


Define Objectives and Outcomes 

  1. Establish clear goals for the meeting. 
  1. Identify key topics, issues, and decisions that need to be addressed. 
  1. Set measurable outcomes to evaluate the meeting’s success. 

Select an Ideal Location 

  1. Choose a venue that encourages focus and relaxation, such as a resort or conference center. 
  1. Ensure the location is convenient for all attendees. 

Set the Date and Time 

  1. Schedule the meeting well in advance. 
  1. Avoid peak work periods to ensure maximum participation. 

Develop a Detailed Agenda 

  1. Plan sessions that cover all key topics. 
  1. Include time for presentations, discussions, and interactive activities. 
  1. Allocate time for breaks to keep participants engaged. 

Gather Required Materials 

  1. Prepare reports, presentations, and any other necessary documents. 
  1. Ensure all materials are accessible to participants before the meeting. 


Arrange Accommodations and Travel

  1. Book rooms for out-of-town partners.
  2. Arrange transportation if necessary.

Check Technology Needs

  1. Ensure the availability of audio-visual equipment for presentations.
  2. Set up interactive tools for discussions and remote participation.

Plan for Technical Support

  1. Establish on-site technical support to handle any issues that may arise.
  2. Ensure your teams have access to emergency tech support should any larger issues occur.


Hire a Professional Facilitator 

  1. Consider engaging a facilitator to guide the meeting and keep discussions on track. 

Design Interactive Sessions 

  1. Plan activities that encourage participation and collaboration. 
  1. Include breakout sessions for smaller group discussions. 

Incorporate Team-Building Activities 

  1. Organize networking events and team-building exercises to strengthen relationships. 


Start with a Strong Opening 

  1. Begin with a motivational speech or presentation to set the tone. 

Stick to the Agenda 

  1. Ensure each session starts and ends on time. 
  1. Keep discussions focused on the agenda topics. 

Encourage Open Dialogue 

  1. Foster an environment where partners feel comfortable sharing their views. 
  1. Use techniques like round-robin discussions to ensure everyone has a voice. 


Gather Feedback

  1. Distribute surveys to gather participants’ feedback.
  2. Conduct a debrief session with the planning team to identify successes and areas for improvement.

Document Decisions and Action Items

  1. Record all decisions made during the meeting.
  2. Assign responsibility for follow-up actions and set deadlines.

Share Meeting Outcomes

  1. Distribute a summary of the meeting, including key takeaways and action plans.
  2. Ensure all partners have access to meeting materials and outcomes.


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