AV is such a big part of most meetings and events and getting the equipment right for the room setting is paramount to its success. In addition, the right AV will keep your attendees happy and focused on the meeting materials. Here are the 7 things you want to take a closer look at when evaluating a room for your next conference or meeting:

Ceilings. How high are the ceilings? Low ceilings or low hanging lights can interfere with the LCD projector and screen rental set-up.  One way to determine if the ceilings are high enough is to stand at the very back of the room while the image is projected onto the screen to see if anything is interfering with the presentation.

Power. Knowing the locations of all the power outlets will determine whether or not your event audio visual rental company will need to provide extension cords and duct tape to ensure the safety of your attendees.

Columns. Are there any columns that will obstruct the attendees’ view? If so, can the attendees be seated around the columns and still see each other and the speaker? If you must have the meeting in a room with obstructions, putting an LED display rental in those areas can make attendees feel connected to the speaker.

Windows. How many windows are in the room? Will the natural light interfere with people seeing the presentation? Are there blinds or curtains on the windows in case you need to darken the room?

Lighting. What lighting is available in the room? Can you dim and brighten the lights? What light equipment rentals do you need to augment the lighting already available in the room?

Mirrors. Are there mirrors on the walls? If so, will they interfere with the projection of the presentation?

Room Capacity. Conveying the seating set-up and the number of attendees to the AV company will be instrumental in determining whether or not the room is the right size for your meeting. The things to consider are:

  • Will you have a riser?
  • Attendees need to be at least 8 feet back from the screen, for optimal viewing comfort of any presentation.
  • Is the AV technician going to be in the back of the room, monitoring the presentation services equipment, sound, and lighting?
  • Is your registration table going to be inside or outside of the room?
  • Is your food and beverage going to be in or out of the room?

All of the above items take up space, so rely on the expertise of your AV company to guide you with the right meeting room setup.