While many wearable technologies can answer your calls, track your fitness level and even record a presenter’s talk, the ability the charge your phone from a bracelet is something very new.

The QBracelet is touted to do just that for iPhone and Android devices.

So given that this technology is available now, why would anyone want to use a standard charging station? Without a doubt, there are pros and cons to this device. Let’s take a closer look:

Pros and Cons of a Wearable Device Charger

Pros Cons
It is with you all the time. Great for travel and people on-the-go. You might be the most popular person in the room because multiple people will ask to use it, if charging options are limited.
A little charge is better than a dead device. It can only charge to 60% of the device’s battery life.
The bracelet can get hot while charging.
It uses LED technology, which show the current battery level of the smartphone. It takes 90 minutes to charge a device.


Pros of Renting Charging Kiosks

It can charge up to 8 devices at the same time

With the capability to charge multiple devices from the same station, this gives booth exhibitors or event planning staff the opportunity to have a captive audience of up to 8 different individuals for a slice of time.

A kiosk rental can charge a mixture of tablets and smartphones

Most attendees use 3 devices at a conference – phone, tablet and laptop. Having the capacity to charge two of these units at the same charging station is very appealing to attendees.

In 7-12 minutes, the charging station will you get you going

While the time you spend at the charging station may not get you to 100% battery life, this unit will be there for the entire duration of the conference and you can come back to it often. However, a charging station will juice your device as fast as your plug at home or back in the hotel room.

A charging station will keep attendees at the conference

Assuming your conference is more than one day, you can position these units physically around the exhibit hall space for attendee use. Better than having them miss out on the trade show or other sessions to return to their hotel room early in order to charge their devices.

Kiosks do not get hot

No worries about burning your skin or holding the device in your hand. Plug your devices into the unit, relax and let the devices charge while you recharge.

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