Events and tradeshows give your business one of the best opportunities to boost brand visibility by standing out.

In fact, isn’t that one of the primary reasons why we exhibit at events – why we’re willing to invest the time and money?

With that being true, it is surprising, then, how many businesses choose to exhibit at a tradeshow but then settle for the same old type of booth they’ve always had; maybe a 10×10 space with a table and bowl for business cards.

But rather than generating leads, all this type of booth does is create a scenario where one exhibitor blends into the next, leaving the attendees to wander the exhibit hall with a trail of already-forgotten booths behind them.

Don’t be one of those easily forgotten booths…

And there is really no reason for this to happen when technology gives us the tools and ability to easily create a remarkable exhibit which leaves people talking, aware of your brand, and inclined to become a customer.

Introducing the Abstract Video Wall

When it comes to technology, anything unique gives a great hook for initially grabbing a viewers’ attention.

So if you’re looking for a unique new way to creatively highlight your product and business an abstract video wall is your solution.

The SmartSource Abstract Video Wall Product is a large display created by using multiple monitors in different orientations. The traditional video walls you’ve probably seen usually form a square or rectangle pattern.

But an abstract video wall can be created with any size monitors linked together in any number of configurations.


Beyond the high-impact factor, this product is also simple to use.

The monitors run off a computer and you can preprogram everything. This makes it a snap to change out which videos are running, or which images are going on which screen, with the simple push of a button on the controlling computer.

With the right team and proper planning and preprogramming you’ll be able to design a great series to be shown, which keeps your content fresh and powerful throughout the entire event.

The creativity an abstract video wall gives you opens new doors for your brand and product messaging. 

Best Practices for Creating a Successful Abstract Video Wall

Too many businesses lose sight of certain simple guidelines when they gear up to use a video wall display at an upcoming event.

No matter which configuration you’re using for your video wall, traditional or abstract, just like any other technology, you can’t use it in any old way and expect grand results.

The entire idea of a creative new technology product, such as the abstract video wall, is to give you the opportunity for high-impact messaging.

No business wants to put in the time and money an event takes and not maximize ROI. So here are some basic guidelines to help you create an abstract video wall that will give you the most effective impact.

  1. Select the right partners. Everything you do right at an exhibit, including your video wall, begins with your team. Selecting the right designers, staff, and expert technology partners is key. You may, or may not, have the right people on your staff. Don’t be afraid to reach out to industry experts as needed.
  2. Dazzle your audience. Focus on the right brand message and how to best showcase your brand. The information and message on your video wall needs to part of the overall impact you’re creating. In other words, your message and how it’s incorporated with the abstract video wall is just as important as the technology itself. Yes, you want a lot of people to stop and view your wall. But more importantly you want them to get and remember your message and become excited about your brand.
  3. Balanced use of media to convey your message. Choose the right graphics and the right number of images. If you select too many images viewers don’t notice any specific one so you lose the opportunity to make the specific visual impact you are seeking. And if you select the wrong graphics or videos you won’t be sending the message that you intend to send.
  4. Be creative. An abstract video wall presents new ways to get your message out and gain leads. So don’t be locked in with what you’ve done before. Have your team think outside their previous messaging box to take full advantage of this unique technology product.

To learn more about the multi-monitor Abstract Video Wall Product, check out the video hosted by David Schmerback, Digital Communications Coordinator at SmartSource Technology Rentals: