By Mason Enloe, SmartSource®

We had an excellent time exchanging ideas with fellow industry peers at EXHIBITORLIVE this year. The evidence was clear that attendees were hungry for new ideas to showcase their brand messaging in new and inventive ways.  We’ve included a summary of some of the best-in-class technology we featured in our exhibit that you too can use to surprise and delight audiences at your next face-to-face marketing program.  

Clear LED 
  • Clear LED technology is best known for creating an element of surprise. With over 70% transparency, it creates an impactful visual effect by bringing contents seemingly out of thin air.  
  • Because of its affordability, clients can create a large display and visual effect at a lower cost than a conventional LED wall.  
  • Lightweight and easy to install, it’s much lighter than a conventional video wall, allowing for flexible design and a more straightforward, faster setup.  
  • Best used for a large backdrop or covering a booth’s entire side(s) in creative shapes and structures. 
beMatrix LED 
  • beMatrix LED tiles are slightly smaller than standard tiles designed to fit into compatible modular booth framing structures such as the beMatrix B62 system or equivalent frames.  The wall’s aesthetic creates an embedded or built-in look while reducing set-up times.   
  • Typical uses include replacing a silicon-edged printed graphic panel with an LED tile wall for a more dramatic effect.  
  • Best used for booths that already use a compatible frame system for the tiles to fit into or for booths that can be steered into using it.   
Flown LED 
  • Flown LED walls can be used in an overhead space to incorporate LED wall elements without consuming valuable floor space in the booth and are optimal where projection was traditionally used.   
  • Offers considerably improved brightness and contrast compared to projection, which is frequently a challenge on a show floor because of uncontrolled lighting factors.  
  • Most common use cases are large flat walls for general content displays but can also be used in narrow strips to create ribbons or tickers, and curving tiles can create circles as tight as a 10ft diameter. 
  • Best used where a booth already has other overhead elements, so the LED wall can be coordinated along with other rigging activities.   
LED Posters 
  • These are small, self-contained LED walls, each with the equivalent of three LED tiles plus a processor.  They can be used as standalone signage where a non-interactive kiosk might typically be used or linked together to span an image across multiple posters, similar to an LED wall.   
  • Up to six posters can be linked together from the same Full HD source, spanning up to 11.5 feet in width.  
  • Best used in cases such as digital signage, or where a client wants a display larger than an LCD screen but smaller than a full LED wall. Where there is a lack of support structure for a full LED wall, multiple posters can be used on their own floor stands.   
Digital Kiosk 
  • 58″ Kiosks are PC-based portrait touchscreens integrated into a low-profile self-standing base.   
  • They can be used as general digital signage, for viewing a client’s website, documents, or other PC-based content.   
  • Best used in cases where a client wants a better-looking alternative to a standard pole stand.  There are flat surfaces which are able to be vinyl-wrapped with custom branding or messaging. 

Whether your next project requires a smaller technology footprint or a 90-foot LED wall, we have you covered with the right solutions and an extensive team of event experts.