Sound is one of the major elements of any successful business event. If you’ve ever struggled to hear a speaker or been pained by feedback, you’ve witnessed first-hand how hearing a message loud and clear feels like every audience member’s most basic right. A presentation can still occur without visuals (although it shouldn’t have to), but if there’s no sound . . .

There’s no way for audience members to connect to a speaker, trainer, lecturer, or presenter that cannot be heard and understood. A message simply cannot be delivered when its sound fails to reach its target. The right audio is a delicate mixture of elements, and these elements must be customized to each event and designed SPECIFICALLY for the environment in which that event occurs.

Consider the following questions and situations:
• How much audio enhancement does a particular event need?
• How can Event Planners provide appropriate audio for an irregularly-shaped room or a room with obstructions?
• How can Event Planners deliver the best possible sound quality for an outdoor venue?
• Can the audio be optimized for very large halls or for events held in more confined spaces?
• What is the ideal placement of speakers and microphones, and how many are needed for the size of the event’s venue and audience?
• Is there a way to compete with ambient noise or other environmental sounds?
• Is there a way to provide targeted audio for exhibits or trade show booths?
• What additional audio equipment is needed if a speaker or presentation will be recorded?

A knowledgeable technology rental Account Executive can easily walk you through the best options for your event’s precise conditions—advising you about the audio solutions, and the size, number and ideal configuration of the components that an event needs, including:
• Audio distribution
• Wired and/or wireless microphone systems
• Arrays
• Speakers and subwoofers
• Digital mixing consoles
• Analog mixing boards
• Digital recording devices
• Directional sound speakers

Feel free to view our National Project Manager’s demonstration of some of the audio visual options that SmartSource Rentals is able to offer, including:
1. Analog Way PLS350 Hi-Resolution Mixer and Seamless Switcher – with 8 seamless inputs, universal analog and digital input/output, these receivers have a wide variety of inputs for options such as matrixing, HDMI, full high-definition, and full high-res digital processing scalable to resolutions such as 2048×1024.
2. Yamaha LS9 Digital Mixing Consoles – these 16 channel or 32 channel full-digital mixers provide extensive options and stability in the audiovisual market.
3. Shure UR4D Wireless Receivers – provide advanced control and robust flexibility, combining with dual pack, professional grade microphones for the best sound quality.

About SmartSource Rentals
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