Exhibitors building their exhibit experience at an event typically require audio visual (AV) services. These services are instrumental in conveying the exhibiting company’s key messages, streaming live sessions, displaying videos, showcasing product updates, enhancing the ambiance with beautiful lighting, and so much more.    

Recognizing this universal requirement, many event organizers and venues offer a contracted AV partner company as a preferred option for their clients. These AV providers are pre-approved by the show organizer, providing a convenient and reliable solution for event planners.    

You might question the advantage of using the event’s official audio visual company over an external one. Here are some reasons why choosing the contracted official audio visual team could be beneficial.  


The show’s official audio visual team has intimate knowledge of the venue, enabling them to comprehend your needs more accurately. They can provide optimal recommendations tailored to the venue’s layout, thus eliminating the need for numerous site visits and reducing your time and the cost spent.    


The show’s official AV team normally has offices or support onsite at the venue or hotel, ready to provide immediate support or technical assistance should it be required. This ensures that any issues can be quickly addressed and resolved with minimal disruption to the flow of your exhibit. If you have questions or need assistance, you can speak directly to them – in person.    


Using the show management’s preferred audio visual partner can yield competitive and preferred vendor pricing for their services.    


The relationship, cooperation, and contract between the venue and the show’s AV team – together with a good understanding of logistical constraints – enable a quick turnaround on any changes to your exhibit requirements that may need to be made at the last minute.    


Working directly with an outside vendor can be time-consuming, as they may not have intimate knowledge of the venue and its inner workings. The show’s official AV partner can help reduce headaches and simplify the exhibit setup process for you.    


If you have last-minute equipment needs, the preferred AV team usually has a small inventory onsite, often providing an immediate solution to your problem on short notice!    


Choosing the official audio visual provider for the event provides an experienced team that is familiar with the venue and can help you execute your event successfully.    

SmartSource is the preferred audio visual partner for many top shows. We provide hassle-free service to our clients while offering competitive pricing and flexible solutions for audio visual needs. We take care of the technology, so you don’t have to!     

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