Have you ever attended a conference so jazzed when you left you thought your feet were off the ground? You heard great speakers, absorbed new content and made a list of 15 things you want to do differently when you return to the office. 

The problem? 

No one heard what you did and when you share with your team the content, you receive a less than enthusiast response. 

This is exactly what happened to Dan Berger and Trever Lynn from Social Tables, an event planning company, when they returned home from PCMA's Convening Leaders conference last January. 

"They both came back so energized about everything they learned and they wanted everyone else on the team to feel the same level of inspiration," stated Sarah Ghessie, Operations Manager at Social Tables. 

Here are 3 simple ways to keep the folks back home in the loop during your conference and help them grab that enthusiasm shortly after you return home.


Tip #1: Make Every Session Hybrid. 

With hybrid sessions, part of your team can be at the session and part can be at the office or at home. The most important thing is that everyone sees the same content at the same time. In addition, if individuals back home are tied up, they can bring up the session on demand at a later time and date. 

However, with hybrid events you need to work on your event WiFi solutions. Just relying on the venue's WiFi infrastructure is probably not enough – look into WiFi Router Rentals for additional capacity. 

Tip #2: Have Every Employee Choose a Session and Create Interactive Presentations about it. 

At Social Tables they did exactly this and in the interest of time each presentation was Pecha Kucha style (6 minutes and 20 seconds for each presentation). 

"For about an hour each day for one week the entire team gathered to learn about the key trends and issues impacting our industry," stated Ghessie. 

Tip #3: Use SlideShare or Prezi on iPad or Laptop Rentals and Annotate Your Thoughts. 

One way to get everyone involved, is share all the PowerPoint presentations with attendees on their mobile rentals, allow them to take notes within the app and ship the presentation and notes back to the office via the cloud or email system. 

The home crowd can even view the same materials at the same time via screen sharing technology such as JoinMe. 


SmartSource Rentals is a premier interactive technology tool rental company that provides iPads, Wi-Fi network arrays, kiosks, and technical coordination for events. Give them a call at 800.888.8686 to learn more how they can help you keep the enthusiasm going between local and virtual attendees!