Technology is often one of the largest investments companies make today. Most of us can’t run our businesses without numerous types of technology and either the ability, or staff, to handle the ongoing programming needs which that technology creates.

SmartSource Rentals has been around for a number of decades. That’s why we understand so well the struggles that technology can create for any business – particularly when talking about the impact that technology can have on your bottom line.

At its best technology allows you to boost your ROI by maximizing resources, improving communication with customers, and helping you grow your brand and spread your message.

At its worst technology can create unhappy customers and limit company growth by taking up too many resources, both time and money, without contributing to your cause or expanding your customer base.

Clearly, how much you invest in your technology, whether you rent or buy, and which equipment is going to be of the best for your situation, is key for business success today.

In the first article in our “Smarter to Rent or Buy” series, we talked about the Touch Screen Kiosk.  In the second article we focused on Video Wall Displays.

In this article we will look at Charging Stations so you can better understand when it’s smarter to rent, and when it’s better to buy, to maximize your ROI.

Charging Stations

Did you know that 7 – 12 minutes is the average time someone stays at a charging station?

That’s why a charging station can be a huge boost at a trade show or event. Everyone wants to stay connected. And in order to remain connected we all need to keep our devices charged.

While they are charging their devices at your charging station you have that time to connect with a potential customer, rather than just having a few seconds.

Is it Smarter to Rent or Buy Your Charging Stations?

So, knowing what an asset a charging station can be for increasing business, let’s look at when it’s smarter for you to rent and when it might be better to buy a charging station, or stations.

When should you rent?

  • When you want your charging station/s to fit the cords and plugs for all the  latest devices. Let’s face it – device plugs seem to change a lot. Renting your stations allows you to have the most up-to-date equipment.
  • When you regularly exhibit at events and aim to try different methods for engaging potential customers. This means you don’t want to lock yourself in to one style or type of charging station since you don’t know what your future needs will be.
  • When you’ve never used a charging station at your booth before and you want to try it out to see how much it actually helps you before considering more of an investment.
  • When you want to have sponsors which can display their information on your station and you use the idea of cutting-edge equipment as part of your sales pitch.
  • When you have no idea how many charging stations you’ll use at future events. Maybe you’re setting up a cybercafé and want mobile charging stations as part of your method to draw potential customers and you don’t know how many you’ll need on a routine basis.
  • As an event organizer who wants to provide numerous sponsorship opportunities along with attendee services through charging stations.

When should you consider buying?

  • When you know for the foreseeable future what type of devices people are going to use the charging stations for.
  • When you use the same number of charging stations routinely, and you know just how they are going to be used.
  • When you have the staff and resources to deal with the programming and technology for the charging stations.
  • When you want the charging station/s for your place of business in the lobby or breakroom for your employees and you know the type of use will be consistent and ongoing.

Whether you rent or buy charging stations, they are amazingly versatile. You can use them as document libraries, digital signage, to display videos, presentations and demonstrations. Charging stations can enhance your booth design and deliver your information to a captive audience while providing a highly desirable service.

If you have any questions about charging stations, how to maximize their use, or if you are trying to determine whether it’s more cost effective for your business to rent or buy, please contact us at SmartSource Rentals today.