A product launch is a critical time for any business. These sensitive events are the big reveal after months or—more likely—YEARS of research and development. Not only is a product launch the debut of an item, offering, or service, but these events are deeply intertwined with a company’s image and branding. The company speaks about the product, but the product also speaks volumes about the company, while—ideally—vast numbers of your target audience are watching, listening, and learning.

Needless to say, it is vitally important that a product launch accomplishes the following goals:

  1. It defines your product. Customers must understand what your business is offering and why they need it.
  2. It distinguishes the product from any competitors. In a perfect world, your product is so groundbreaking that it HAS no competition. In the real world, your product launch will clearly present your offering’s advantages ahead of its competitors.
  3. It positions your brand as an industry leader with innovative ideas, follow-through, and a strong future—a brand that is constantly developing, adapting, and ahead of the game.
  4. It will reach your target audience. The product was developed with a specific customer in mind. The product launch needs to reach out and connect with as many of those customers as possible.

Successful Product Launches Depend upon TECHNOLOGY

If your product launch begins with a “voice,” technology is the amplifier. The right combination of technology rentals will increase and enhance your brand’s message—delivering the compelling high-quality content that will inform your audience about the product and jump-start sales! Start the conversation by using technology such as video walls, lighting, staging, and interactive tech rentals that can become a talking point in their own right! Consider the following technology options:

1. Digital Signage – Use digital signage to ensure that your product and brand are presented with perfection and consistency, while accommodating multiple content formats and allowing for minute-by-minute edits and adaptations.

2. Touch Screens – Use interactive displays to connect guests to videos, surveys, e-literature, social media, games, contests, contact information, QR codes, and all the product information they could possibly want. Options include: digital walls, LCD touch screens, iPads, tablets, and interactive touch screen kiosks.

3. LCD Projectors and Screens – Use projectors and screens to present visual or written material, as well as backgrounds and logos!

4. Video Walls – There’s no better way to present a captivating visual display to a large audience. A video wall presents your images in eye-popping dimensions!

5. Charging Station Kiosks – Charging stations offer a useful service to your guests and increase the time spent at your event. Guests spend an average of 7 to 10 minutes at charging stations—during which the units’ built-in screen is offering product videos, a call-to-action, or additional content.

6. MacBook Pros and Laptops – For some product launches (software and gaming come immediately to mind) an audience needs a hands-on approach to connecting with the material. Laptop rentals can give guests a chance to experience a product for themselves.

7. IPads and Tablets – Encourage personal involvement and expand your fan base by offering contests, sign-ups, social media options, newsletter and email opt-ins, and giveaways related to your product and brand. Tablets are an inviting, space-saving way to give guests digital access to sign-up for your promotions.

Product Launch Technology from the Experts

Whether your product launch is a single event or occurring at multiple locations, consistent brand and product representation is crucial for your business reputation. When you choose SmartSource for your product launch technology, you can guarantee that our team of dedicated technicians will manage and support your event’s tech rentals from start to finish. Our nationwide network has inventory coast-to-coast, to cover your events—any time, any location! Get a quote from the experts, today!