One of the things most speakers and event organizers desire is for their presentation or meeting to live on and on in the digital stratosphere. If the proper planning takes place not only can this happen, but it can build brand awareness about your organization, products and events.

An "optimized" presentation is just that…one that utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques within a presentation to drive home the organization's message. Here are ten things you can do to help your event "get legs":  


  1. Create a listing of the top 50 keywords for your event and ask the presenters to work at least 25% of these words into their presentation. 
  2. Optimize the title of the presentation and each headline. Work your keywords into as many slides as possible without being awkward.
  3. The last slide needs to have a "call to action". Sign up for your free e-book, register for next year's conference at a discounted rate or follow the company's Facebook page for exclusive deals and offers. Whatever it is, you want them to feel compelled to do it now. 
  4. Use more images and less words with the PowerPoint presentation equipment. The more visually orientated and to the point your presentation is, the more likely it will be retained by the live audience and viewed by a virtual one. 


  1. At the bottom of each presentation slide, the following should appear: 

    1. Your organization's linkable logo, 
    2. The speaker's Twitter handle and
    3. The meeting's Twitter hashtag

      If your organization is going to rent iPads for the meeting, attendees can post questions and comments directly to the speaker. The hashtag serves as the central comment repository for the event — even long after it is over. 

  2. Videostream presentations and upload them to YouTube and use keywords in the description. Let attendees know where they can find the presentations by promoting the URL on your social channels. 
  3. Utilizing wireless Audience Response Systems, ask attendees about the presentation and speaker at the end of each session. Promote the statistics on social channels and consider using the overall statistics in an infographic. 


  1. Upload all presentations to Slideshare and summarize each presentation in 12-50 words, using as many keywords as make sense. 
  2. Ask guest bloggers to write about the presentations they attended. Give them a set of keywords to incorporate into the post and the URLs for the presentations. If it make sense, incoroparate the YouTube video or SlideShare deck directly into the post. 
  3. Identify tips within a presentation and post one each day on your social channels, linking the tip to the presentation. For example, here is one AV Event Solutions recently posted on their Facebook page:  Powerpoint Event Tip — Reading slides can annoy and bore audience since humans can read 5x faster than we can speak (Presentation URL). 

What are your tips for optimizing presentations? Please share with us your thoughts! 

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