The success of any event rests heavily on the quality of WiFi, including both access to the Internet access as well as speed, safety, and ease of use. No longer is it satisfactory to simply provide WiFi for attendees and exhibitors. Event attendees and exhibitors expect instant, safe access for not just one device, but for all their devices. Which means that event WiFi has to be designed and setup to handle the maximum number of devices at peak usage times.

The truth is that most built-in venue WiFi, such as what you might find at a hotel, does not have the capacity to handle thousands of devices at the same time. So setting up a more robust WiFi system falls to those planning or managing an event. WiFi is one of those things you offer at an event that you want people not to notice. In general WiFi users only notice it when it doesn’t work well, when they can’t easily sign on, or when it’s too slow.

The right event WiFi system will offer your users:

  • Safety and Security. Internet security is becoming more and more of an issue as personal and critical information is transmitted during all phases of an event. Public WiFi systems always contain certain security problems so providing a private network is now more important than ever.
  • Speed and Ease of Internet access. Attendees now come to events with many devices, from smartphones to tablets and computers. And, often, they will want to have many, or all, of their devices online at the same time. This means your system must have enough bandwidth and capacity so people can get online quickly and easily.
  • Privacy. Setting up a private network for your event means your event won’t have to share bandwidth which will help you provide enough for high-demand usage times. This also means it’s easier to control the privacy of the users, since there is no public access.

Advantages of the SmartSource Wireless Array Stations

Our SmartSource Wireless Array Station gives you the capacity to create your own private network, or multiple private networks, for your event. And the advantages go beyond the privacy factor. This type of properly designed system gives you numerous additional advantages including adequate bandwidth, control, and the ability to monitor usage.

Bandwidth with the right number of routers. 

  1. Our wireless arrays come in different sizes, with each size having a different number of routers. This gives you the flexibility to easily have the right number of routers in the right locations at your venue.


  1. Not only will these wireless arrays allow you to provide private, fast Internet access for all your users, it also gives you a great deal of control. For example, you can program each router within the different wireless station for different users. You might set up one router for attendees, one for exhibitors, and another for show management, each group with their own SSID sign in information. This gives you huge advantage of being able to create multiple private networks at a single show, helping to ensure that bandwidth is allocated as needed. For example, your exhibitors will never be without adequate WiFi to conduct business and take orders during a show. This can reduce tech support calls and reduce exhibitor satisfaction.

The Power of Monitoring

  1. You can monitor all activity on the SmartSource Wireless Array system with a computer. Through monitoring you are able to see who is using how much bandwidth. This gives you the ability to limit bandwidth on an individual basis, if needed. For instance, if you have a rogue user who is streaming video when they are not supposed to, you can limit that person’s bandwidth.

You don’t need to be a wireless expert to ensure that your event has the proper WiFi coverage and security. Surround yourself with the right technology experts and equipment and you can easily create powerful, safe, private networks for your next event.

For more information and to see the SmartSource Wireless Array Station in action, check out our Wireless Array Station video, hosted by Steve Shatsoff, Sr. VP, Technology Products & Services at SmartSource Technology Rentals.