We live in an era where it seems like new technology is coming out every day: from wearable items and medical breakthroughs to smartphones that can run just about anything from your house to your outside grill. There is no denying that technology is changing the way we live and function at work.

And technology for events and tradeshows is no different in the impact that it has had. New technologies have changed how events are managed and run, how attendees sign in, and even how they interact during a conference.

Easy Event Technology Choices

The key to selecting the proper technology is to first understand what your goals are and then to select the technology that will best support those goals. Cool new technology is great, but that in and of itself is not a great reason to select it for your tradeshow or event. When it comes to technology, the most important thing is to make selections that will help you hit your clear and specific goals, because that is how you will boost your event ROI.

Specific event goals certainly vary depending on the event itself, your company, your message, and your budget. However, some common event goals include:

  • Gaining a potential customer’s attention
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Expanding your customer base
  • Boosting customer interaction
  • Informing customers about products and services

Today in Easy Event Technology to Boost Your ROI – Part 1 we’ll go over some technology you can use to help gain the potential customer’s attention.

Event Goal: Gaining the Potential Customer’s Attention

If you’re running a booth at a tradeshow, one of the biggest challenges can be to get people to stop and take notice of your brand and what you have to offer. Competition among booths is fierce at large events, so it makes good sense to select technology that will help you attract the eyes and ears of your potential customers.

Digital Signage

Eye-catching digital signage is a superior way to be able to keep your message fresh and allow you to include video and other images in your content. Digital signage allows you to rotate your content so you can highlight different aspects of your brand or services at different points during an event. Some suggested uses include:

  • highlighting sponsors
  • interactive applications
  • displaying booth or event agendas and happenings

Apple iPad Stations

iPads and other tablets are a simple and cost effective way to grab attention. You can utilize them to interactively demonstrate products and services while at the same time capturing information of those potential customers. When a tablet is mounted on a stand for easy use, it creates a versatile station. Some suggested methods to incorporate iPads and iPad stations at your event booth include:

  • as part of a cyber café
  • utilizing as a document library station

Video Wall Displays

We all know that large Video Wall Displays get our attention and can even be mesmerizing. You may think of them as huge, which they can be. But a video wall display can also be created on a much smaller scale to suit your needs.

One advantage of a video wall display is that you can create content which consists of one large image, or many separate images. This gives you great creative control. And the entire wall, no matter the size, can be linked with your PC or camera and other devices. Suggested ideas to maximize your video wall display:

  • incorporate your booth architecture into the video wall display
  • highlight your show special or new products
  • stream your social networking

Keeping abreast of all available technology can feel daunting. The good news is that you don’t personally have to become an expert on all existing technology to make the best choices for your events and goals. You simply need to have the right technology partner. SmartSource Rentals has provided a unique range of rental products and services for trade shows, professional conferences, and general technology markets for over 30 years.