• When it comes to tradeshows and other events that are important to increasing your business, the key to maximizing your return on investment is using tools and solutions that will support your specific goals.In Easy Event Technology to Boost Your ROI – Part 1 we discussed three technologies, Digital Signage, Apple iPad Stations, and Video Wall Displays, that are great for grabbing a potential customer’s attention.Gaining the attention of a potential customer is one specific event goal. Today, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll talk about how to achieve another event goal, spreading brand awareness.But spreading brand awareness needs to go beyond simply helping others to become more aware of your company. Ideally you want to offer a consistent memorable message, or universal value proposition, that carries through all the media channels that you utilize.No matter which technology you are using to highlight and spread your message, memorable messaging should include:
    • Words that communicate your brand.
    • The promise that your brand is making (and make sure to follow through on that promise
    • Simple phrases that are put together in unexpected ways. We don’t want to think too hard and we tend to remember unexpected things, not what we’ve heard many times before.


    Event Goal: Spreading Brand Awareness

    In the tradeshow environment where you have countless companies vying for the customer’s attention, being the brand that people notice and remember can be a challenge. That’s why we wanted to talk with you about the two technologies listed below, along with creative suggestions on how to maximize their use, so that you will be the brand people remember.

    Sound Showers

    Conferences and tradeshows are noisy. And a potential customer won’t remember you if they can’t hear what you have to say. Our Sound Shower ® Directional speaker system creates a “shower” of focused sound so you can aim your information to attendees in a targeted area. That can help defend your message from the aural clutter that surrounds your booth.

    Sound showers eliminate the need for headphones which limits the number of potential listeners. This makes sound showers great for:

    • Trade show booths
    • Interactive kiosks
    • Digital signage displays
    • Busy meeting venues
    • Conferences
    • Temporary exhibits You invest a lot of resources in creating a great brand message and attending a trade show, so it makes perfect sense that you want to give yourself every advantage possible while providing the best user experience that you can.

    Increase Customer Contact Time with  Charging Stations

    ROI Part 2 image

    When you have a powerful brand, often all it takes is for a potential customer to realize your worth is spending a few moments with you. Once they understand how your products or services will help them, they won’t forget you. So, how can you get potential customers to spend those first few precious moments with you – long enough so they understand that what you offer will make their life or business better?

    The answer is to give them an initial reason to stay. And, this is exactly what a charging station will do for you. Everyone at an event is carrying around tech toys that need to be recharged. A charging station gives them a reason to stop and stay for a bit, even if the have never heard of your brand. Usually, you only have a few seconds to get a potential customer’s attention but since the average time at a charging station being 7 to 12 minutes, you ample opportunity to help them recognize just how important your brand is for them.

    But most important, while someone charges their phone or tablet it gives you the unique opportunity to have a conversation. Often, it is people and conversations we remember long after an event has ended.

    Setting up your charging stations/s in a comfortable, inviting way gives you just the opportunity you need to draw people in and speak with them, so you will be that memorable brand. Additionally, charging stations can be used for:

    • Digital signage and important messaging
    • Interactive applications and videos
    • Presentations and demonstration
    • Any technology that gives you the opportunity to have more face time with your potential customers AND does double duty by also helping you automatically distribute your information and message is going to give you a good ROI.

    There is a lot you can do to be memorable – to be that booth that everyone talks about and wants to visit. SmartSource Rentals has provided a unique range of cutting-edge rental products to help you do just that.