On the trade show floor, every exhibitor is looking for new ways to divert the stream of foot traffic into their booth. Using technology rentals to create an inviting trade show tech lounge is one of the easiest ways to draw in visitors and make them linger!

Three Basic Elements

An inviting tech lounge is a finely-tuned mixture of three elements: comfort, eye-appeal, and functionality.

1. Comfort – attendees will be drawn to spaces that offer ample amounts of plush seating. Trade shows are generally housed in warehouse sized spaces with overhead fluorescent lighting—do everything you can to offer a break from that. If possible, offer a slightly darker, sheltered space that feels cozy and intimate. You’ll develop an advantage by offering a change from the cavernous space of the convention center. Side tables and lamps are a good choice—you want visitors to feel like they’re back at home, in a better version of their own living rooms. Trade show attendees walk around a lot; they’re exposed to a tremendous amount of stimuli. Offer them an opportunity to sit down in comfort and take a load off—physically AND mentally—it will be difficult for them to pass up the chance!
2. Eye-Appeal – beautiful design seems like a luxury, but eye-appeal is irresistible. While most trade show booths focus on bright branding and loud logos, let your trade show tech lounge pull people in with its cool comfort and delightful design. As any salesperson knows, getting a customer to put their guard down is half the battle. Let your trade show tech lounge instill trust and gratitude. Work to create an environment where attendees are at ease.
3. Functionality – your tech lounge must be far more than just a chance to sit down. The right blend of comfort and convenience will ensure that potential customers remain in your booth long enough for your brand to make an impact. Top-notch technology rentals will engage your visitors while simultaneously ensuring that their needs are being met.

Technology that Captivates

Which technology rentals should you consider? First off, offer charging stations. Although most of us like to think that we’re prepared, even the most organized of people can find themselves behind schedule. Hurried travel arrangements and unforeseen circumstances can lead to improperly charged electronics; in the case of poorly charged devices, this can mean the difference between professional success and personal embarrassment. For those individuals who found themselves short on time, and later on find their devices short on battery, your trade show tech lounge—with its generous charging stations—is like an oasis in the desert. Let your oasis lure visitors in with its services and convenience.
Second, free WiFi is a must. Use a WiFi booster to offer remarkably fast Internet connection speeds and reliability. The speed and reliability of your free Internet will reflect favorably on your brand, and you’ll have gained the respect and appreciation of the visitors in your booth. Certainly, the event will offer WiFi, but your booth will have two distinct advantages—reliable, fast Internet connections AND a comfortable spot where attendees can connect!

In the second part of this article, we’ll suggest a few socially savvy ways to increase activity and interest in your tech lounge, as well as discuss a few more technology rentals that can convert your trade show booth into THE spot for attendees to recharge—in all ways!

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