In the first half of this article, we discussed the advantages of creating a tech lounge within your trade show booth. The trade show floor holds a tremendous amount of competition—devoting a portion of your booth to a club-style tech lounge is an alluring and functional way of drawing visitors out of the stream of traffic and into your plush seating arrangement. Impress trade show guests with the generosity and forethought of your free and fast Internet connection and your convenient charging stations!

Previously, we examined the three basic elements of trade show tech lounge charm:

  1. Comfort
  2. Eye-appeal
  3. Functionality

We also discussed the first two essentials of tech lounge convenience—charging stations and quick, complimentary WiFi. Moving further into the precise technology that can enhance your lounge while it promotes your business goals, here are six more tech rentals that can amaze your attendees while they deliver the demonstrations and presentations that will increase your company’s bottom line.

  1. Internet Kiosks – set up a couple of freestanding interactive kiosks at the edge of your booth. These can be used as charging stations. They can offer quick Internet access. They’re able to hold document libraries, or they can simply provide access to the trade show agenda and relevant information. In addition to these helpful services, interactive kiosks are also a great branding and advertising opportunity. Use them to display your company logo within the pages and navigation, or have a logo wrapped around the kiosk itself. Visitors using the kiosks’ convenience can be shown short videos on your company’s products.
  2. Digital Signage – although you have a generously comfortable tech lounge in your booth, there’s no denying that your brand has a product or service to sell. Using digital signage for your company logo offers two advantages—it feels infinitely more modern than banners and printed materials, plus digital signage can be used to quietly run promotional videos while visitors are enjoying the services of your tech lounge.
  3. Laptops or tablets – consider offering a few tablets or laptop setups. While the majority of trade show attendees will use their smartphones to access the event app and the Internet, a certain portion of the population is simply more comfortable using larger screens. For those trade show attendees experiencing micro-reading burnout, your laptops or tablets will be a welcome opportunity for eye-strain relief.
  4. Printers – some attendees may find themselves wanting or needing hardcopy print-outs. Use letterhead, branded paper, or printer paper watermarked with your logo for an additional promotional opportunity. Not everyone embraces tiny mobile screens and digital copies—you’ll win the hearts of hardcopy devotees by offering printing concierge services on demand.
  5. Touch Screens – if you’re able, consider offering touch screen displays. This interactive technology can allow visitors to easily access trade show agendas, maps, or regional information. Touch screens can also be used to offer your guests a self-guided tour through your company’s videos, documents, and other materials!
  6. Video walls – feel free to use a video wall display to broadcast and highlight tweets and other social media posts pertaining to the trade show. Video walls continue to draw attention—naturally—through their astonishing size. Using a video wall for your logo and promotional video is an easy way to make a BIG impression.

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