Now that your trade show tech lounge is designed for comfort and convenience, it’s time to put in the elements that best support your business needs. Corporate events depend upon deliberate audience engagement—you need to attract and engage visitors to ensure that your business message can be heard and that your leads can be pulled into the sales funnel. You’ve succeeded in drawing trade show attendees in and engaging them with your charging stations, laptops, touchscreens, video walls, informational kiosks, and comfortable seating. However, your booth represents specific business opportunities and goals for your company. What elements can help you increase sales and move casual visitors into new customers?

  1. Sound Shower Directional Speakers – these remarkable speakers are designed to deliver audio that’s tailored specifically to the location of your listener. Trade show floors are noisy places full of ambient sounds from conversations and competing booths. Sound Shower speakers counteract those surrounding noises with specially designed audio technology that focuses your message directly to your listener! Simply choose a display area where your attendees will be lingering, have the speakers installed (or hung!) to create the “Sound Shower” effect. Directional speakers give you the audio advantage that is necessary to compete on the trade show floor.
  2. Lead Retrieval – you have visitors in your booth, but where do you go from there? A well-implemented Lead Retrieval System will give you all the information you need to convert visitors into sales. A Lead Retrieval System can distribute relevant and valuable information on each attendee, instantly—information that lets you know what company they represent and what services or solutions they’re seeking. The modern Lead Retrieval System is capable of providing you with so much more than basic business card information. Capture data on your attendees, and follow up on leads armed with the data that positions you to make sales.
  3. ROI Reporting – moving forward with attendee tracking, you use this technology to gather sales leads, but attendee data can—and should—be used to support your ROI reporting. Exhibiting at events is a sizable investment on the part of your company; when the time comes for you to explain the value of your participation, you need data to support your reports. Was the event a success for your company? Did your trade show booth bring in new business—if so, how many sales? How much revenue? Your competitors will be using this data to their advantage—it’s essential that you have the same opportunity!

With audience engagement being crucial, your trade show tech lounge has all the elements needed to draw visitors in. You have the chance to provide them with the conveniences they want, while you present them with the opportunity to consider your business services and solutions!

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