Event Trends:    Yes! Flowers are Affordable Again

Flowers can bring warmth and visual appeal to even the dullest event space through color and texture.   Combined with lighting and sound, flowers can help evoke nostalgia or influence mood. This is especially true during the holiday season, when the scents of winter can be assembled into stunning seasonal bouquets. But floral arrangements and centerpieces have been low on the priority list for most meeting planners because of cost. It’s hard to justify spending several hundred, or even thousands of dollars on arrangements that will be seen for only a few hours.

Danit Zamir had this experience at her wedding, when she saw her expensive centerpieces tossed in the trash after only six hours of use.  She thought there had to be a better way. So she co-founded Bloomerents.com, an online marketplace that allows couples and event hosts to save money by sharing flower arrangements between two events.

A Flower Rental Marketplace

Cut flowers can last several days with some varieties lasting more than ten days, making the idea of sharing flowers across events occurring in close proximity a very doable thing. There are two basic options for using Bloomerent.com:  You can be the first to use the flowers or the second. If you are the first, you get a discount once the flowers have been chosen for a second event. Reused flowers can cost 10-60 percent less than first-use flowers.  But because the marketplace is still in a nascent stage, the inventory for reused flowers is limited in some cities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the platform.

An event planner who has events occurring within a day or two of each other in the same city can save 40-60 percent on the cost of flowers for the second event by using the flowers from the first event.  An added bonus is that the florist assumes responsibility for the pick-up and transfer of the flowers from event one to event number two – no event staff are needed to make the transfer.

Hand-Picked Florist       

Bloomerent.com vets all florists that appear in its marketplace to ensure they are talented, skilled, and reliable. The number of florists available varies from city to city, but that doesn’t mean you will be limited to these choices. If you have a favorite florist in your city, Bloomerent.com will reach out and invite them to be a part of the marketplace after doing their own diligence.  For the florist, it can be a fresh avenue to new business.

By using the marketplace, it’s a win-win by making an endearing element of event design available and affordable to all your clients.

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