Expert Advice from Corporate Event PlannersWouldn’t it be great if you could access great advice from event meeting experts all at one location? Smart Meetings recently ran an article called “Tips from the Top” citing a few meeting planner aficionados who really make a difference. Here is a summary of what they had to say and how AV can help to make your next gathering extra special.


Diane Budion-Devitt, Owner/President at DND Group, stated “Create an instant visual dynamic and surprise element that immediately invites the attendees to feel like they are in a safe and secure place to network and interact with one another.” She feels the following items are event enhancers:

Budion-Devitt went on to point the strategic importance of lighting to create special moments and how the lighting at one of her events allowed the guests to see the keynote presenter in action (in this case it was a chef demonstrating how to prepare tuna).

Mitchell Davis, Founder of The Artist Partnership, stated, “If you want to have memorable events, you need talent that will make them spark. It is important to make sure clients know the budgetary needs, however, as planners often underestimate the amount of capital required to pull off a large event or try to cut corners to keep the budget low. This will inevitably lead to problems.”

When considering sound and lighting rentals, consult with your AV partner for ideas on how to make your next event extra special. Whatever the occasion — training seminars, conferences, or product launching events, light, sound, and presentation will make or break the audience response to your message. Don’t skimp on these elements.

When planning hybrid events, Chris Meyer,  Chief Operating Officer at INXPO, advises that event planners should think about content, goals and objectives of the meeting before determining whether or not a hybrid event makes sense. He encourages organizers to look at the following elements to ensure a fantastic attendee experience:

  • Creativity
  • IT
  • Content Development
  • Risk Management
  • Production
  • Support and
  • Success Measurement

Jennifer Lee Witherington, CMP, DMCP, Director of Sales with Mana-Allison & Associates, Inc. described a way she transformed a meeting room with lights and decor. “Six-foot hedging with white twinkle lights interspersed with 8 foot pedestals topped with urns and florals surrounded the perimeter of the space. Glamorous linens, coordinated napkins, tall, white orchids and votive candles dressed the tables. The lights came down and pedestals where up-lit, creating ambiance. Success!”

C. Russell Brumfield, Founder and CEO of Wizard Studios Global Events, gives this great advice, “Surround yourself with intellectually curious employees and take the time to study cultural, behavioral, and scientific trends. If you truly want to break out of the pack, watch TED Talks and study marketing trends, technology trends, and new paradigms in cultural behaviors.”

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