Cool Options Are Around the Corner


Trade shows are the perfect place to use specific technological gems – partly because the contained space is perfect for testing new apps and partly because every exhibitor is looking for something new and cool to bring precious attendees streaming to their booth.

Today’s blog post will focus on the breakthrough applications on the horizon: Geofencing, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Drones.


You are probably already familiar with geofencing, but don’t call it by that name. This is when push notifications are sent to your smartphone or iPad rental exactly when you are within so many feet of a trade show booth.

This message is meant to lure you into the booth to see a demonstration, register for a giveaway or gain points toward a loyalty program.

Geofencing is also about what is happening at the moment. For example, if a speaker is holding a book signing in a booth for two hours, that message would be received only during that time and only by individuals that are close by.


3D Printing

This technology allows booth exhibitors the capability of producing prototypes that are personalized to each attendee.

For example, OREO debuted 3D printer vending machines at the South by Southwest Interactive trade show. The machines served up personalized cookies based on which flavors were trending on Twitter. Users share their favorites using the hashtag #eatthetweet and the cookies were made in less than 2 minutes.


Virtual Reality

This technology allows event marketers the ability to tell their story in a more immersive way. VR allows users to feel like they are in a different place. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and Vrse provide the virtual reality experience to attendees, from a headset, a reader or even a mobile app.

Besides being cutting-edge, this offering reduces the cost of shipping, assembling and storing your products. You can immerse the user into an environment where they can understand your product use in a variety of settings.

Augmented Reality

Where VR is about transporting users to another location, AR is about bringing digital objects into the real world. To view great examples of AR, check out the Magic Leap website.



According to Global Experience Specialists, drones are here to stay and they are providing valuable touchpoints at events. Drones can livestream video, analyze foot traffic and provide better brand awareness for exhibitors.

For example, Pepto-Bismol implemented a Twitter campaign called #TweetforRelief and when people did tweet that hashtag, a drone would drop off the tablets to that person as long as they were in the confines of the event.


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