Engagement is always the name of the game at trade shows and corporate events. If we can’t draw in a crowd, then what’s the point of being there? We recently gave an overview of our favorite new technologies to come out of March’s ExhibitorLive conference in Las Vegas. One of those technologies was the GameBuzz digital gaming platform, which we think is so exciting that it deserves a closer look.

GameBuzz, the latest in gamification technology from StudioNorth, is a turnkey gaming system that can transform a company’s message into a fun, entertaining, and highly immersive experience for trade show or event attendees. There’s a lot that sets this product apart from other gamification tools and services out there. While it is delivered as a plug-and-play system, GameBuzz can be fully branded and customized to any industry and company’s specific needs prior to the event. It has multiple games to ensure non-stop action, and its components are so portable that they fit into a small case.

How it Works

After collaborating with the folks at StudioNorth to customize your GameBuzz experience, you’ll have everything you need to turn your space into a high-energy, interactive hot spot. A talented game host (either provided by StudioNorth or by your own company) controls everything from a handheld tablet, and handheld buzzers get distributed to as many as six contestants.  A large touchscreen monitor displays six fast-paced games – some of which resemble classic TV game shows, and all of which test participants’ knowledge of your industry.

While the host is quizzing contestants, the excitement quickly spreads throughout the crowd and keeps them coming back throughout the day. The audience can even get in on the action during one of the games by texting their answers via their smartphones.

GameBuzz in Action

GameBuzz was recently put to work during a six-city product activation tour held by tracking solutions provider Zebra Technologies. The games captivated a sizeable audience during the nightly social events, and even managed to hold their own against a room full of casino tables. “This tool is an engaging way to draw people in during an event, but to also use during a training to recap points or to emphasize a particular theme,” commented Kelly Breneisen of Zebra Technologies. “Teaching people in an interactive way really helps those lessons stick,” she added. Her company was so pleased with GameBuzz that they plan on incorporating it into future team training sessions.

The shipping experts at Labelmaster also incorporated GameBuzz into a recent corporate event for about 130 people. The games were so engaging that about one-third of the crowd continued playing long after the event ended and the prizes ran out. Labelmaster’s Senior Marketing Manager Karen Baelum had this to say: “GameBuzz was a huge hit at our Symposium.  It brought folks together in a fun and engaging way and helped enhance the networking experience for our participants. We received so many compliments on the addition of GameBuzz to our event that we brought it back the following year!”

Qualitative and Quantitative Results

As we well know, positive experiences create buzz. When a visitor has a fun and entertaining experience, they’re likely to spread the word to a minimum of six people. Over the course of a three-day, 24-hour/day event, that can really add up. Especially when you consider that GameBuzz – when lead by a lively, charismatic host – is designed for constant turnover. With six participants per five-minute game, you have the potential to directly engage 1,700 participants over a three-day period. The games are an invaluable way to attract more visitors, delivering a captive audience for your team to inform of the benefits of your company’s products or services, and ultimately generate more leads.

To learn more about how GameBuzz can enhance your booth or event, download this brochure or  please contact Debbie Knighton at 847.456.3863.



Here is a video of the game in action: