Many businesses have events that hit the road, crossing the country with multiple stops in dozens of cities. For business events that travel, efficiency and consistency are the most valuable assets. Whether for:

  • Product Launches
  • Multi-Regional Training Sessions
  • New Store, Branch or Location Openings
  • User Conferences across Multiple Locations
  • Financial Industry Investment and IPO Road Shows
  • Political Events and Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing Campaigns

For many companies, mobile tours are part of the routine. Training tours are a necessity for businesses in the automotive industry; for instance, they regularly release new vehicles and need to train managers, sales teams, and service technicians on the detailed and complicated specifications of updated designs. An average training tour may visit 20 cities across the country—working diligently for months to bring sessions to each city and working with hundreds of participants at each location.

The financial industry is another example. Road shows are a common strategic practice—allowing company management to travel around the country giving presentations to analysts, fund managers, potential buyers and investors, or helping generate excitement and interest in an issue or IPO. In this situation, consistent technology and utterly reliable security are vitally important.

Mobile Tours have Specific Technology Needs

Setting aside the differences between industries or the individual mission that a company’s tour may have, mobile tours all have the following common requirements:

  • Registration – Quick and easy registration is an expectation and a necessity. Registration kiosks and software can ensure that guest information is gathered and that barcodes and badges are printed—setting the foundation for the valuable data collection that is at the core of the events.
  • Presentations – Whatever the purpose of the events, you can be sure that information needs to be conveyed. Training sessions, sales pitches, and campaigns all rely on the effective use of powerful speakers and multimedia presentations. From projectors and screens, to video walls and iPads, a mobile tour needs to have consistent access to the right technology to deliver content to their audiences.
  • Audience Response – One of the defining elements of mobile tours is the need for audience feedback. Question and answer sessions and interactive polling are both methods of gaining valuable audience insight into products and procedures, as well as gauging the audience’s satisfaction with the topics discussed. Audience response systems or iPads can help mobile tours gain insight into their audience’s ideas. Gamification is another option for helping increase audience engagement in the presentation material, and quizzes and competitions help organizers gather feedback on the success of the content.

Technology Suggestions

Mobile tours operate under a tight schedule, across multiple nationwide locations, and with a highly focused business mission.  Mobile tour planners need:

  • Technology and presentations that are consistent, effective, and flawless.
  • Branding that is perfectly represented every time.
  • A national technology supplier able to provide immediate delivery and on-site support.
  • A technology supplier that can scale to any size, deliver at any site across the country, and provide on short notice.
  • Streamlined set-up.
  • Cost savings.
  • The efficiency of working with a single provider, from city-to-city, coast-to-coast.
  • Technology that speaks positively about the brand—presenting a forward-thinking company.
  • Data Capture that gathers attendee information, training details, lead retrieval, and helps the company quantify their ROI—allowing daily reporting on participation, performance, facilitators, curriculum, presentations, speakers, engagement and more.

With a multi-city tour carrying so much significance for a business and a great investment of time, money, and personnel hours, it’s important to make sure that the technology supporting each event is perfectly executed. An experienced technology rental provider can ensure that your mobile tour technology rentals are interesting, interactive, informative, and innovative!