Wellness is a trending buzzword for workplaces and business events—and for good reason! For business meetings, events, trade shows, and conferences, happy, healthy attendees are far more likely to:

  • Engage with other guests
  • Interact with exhibitors
  • Share and network through social media
  • Attend sessions more frequently
  • Report higher satisfaction levels about the event itself
  • (Most importantly) RETURN year after year!

Happiness, however, can seem quite elusive. Here are some tips and trends that are breaking guests out of the rut, leading to the ideal combination of a positive professional experience AND an exciting personal experience.

Business Events that Energize and Engage

Yoga – According to a recent article in Adweek, yoga is replacing coffee and happy hour as the event networking opportunity of choice. For example, this year’s SXSW provided extensive yoga opportunities, either branded or targeted for networking purposes. Since yoga is both invigorating and relaxing, it’s an ideal way to help attendees release tension and focus their energy (or “Chakra” energies, if you prefer) on being present and mindful in the moment: in other words, yoga helps create perfect attendees!

Branded yoga has become a particularly “hot” (sometimes literally, yes) sponsorship opportunity. Brands and sponsors have a chance to fund and coordinate a yoga class that functions as a refreshing and relaxing attendee break and also doubles as a networking session.

Interactive Exercise Classes – Provide classes and challenges that make it easy for guests to incorporate exercise. Consider exercise options that encourage guests to loosen up—mentally and physically.

  • Pilates, climbing walls, obstacle courses, punching bags, dancing, and cycling opportunities allow attendees to fit new, personal, healthy practices into their conference experience.
  • Pedometers, water bottles, and yoga mats all make excellent branded promotional materials.
  • Offer fitness wearables as a giveaway and provide opportunities to connect wearables to the event app.

Foodie Fun – Culinary experiences have always played an important role in human interaction and enjoyment. Consider working both the health side (accommodating the guests that would prefer low calorie, high fiber options, and allowing for food allergies and intolerances) while also creating exciting taste options that mix the best of local cuisine with fresh, unique menu items.

  • Offer local, organic, farmer’s market and heritage produce as part of the menu. These items taste fresher, support local farms, and reduce the event’s carbon footprint.
  • Offer appropriate portion sizes.
  • Make fresh water conveniently available throughout the entire event.
  • Modify food vending contracts to increase the number of healthy options.
  • Label foods to show high-quality ingredients and nutritional content.

Green Initiatives – Attendees feel good knowing that the event has taken steps to reduce waste. Help guests to feel that the event supports socially and environmentally responsible practices.

  • Provide reusable or compostable plates, drinkware, and cutlery.
  • Offer extensive recycling opportunities for food waste, paper, and plastics.
  • Lower the event’s carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy and sustainable materials.

Natural Connections – if possible, consider an event venue that can allow for outdoor interaction! Hiking trails, beautiful views, natural spaces, and inviting gardens are all chances to help attendees get their nature fix. In conclusion, by enhancing business scheduling with opportunities for self-care, business events can double as a retreat where attendees can feel personally recharged!


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