Business displays rely on large-scale, high-resolution screens, and video walls are one of the best technology offerings for getting attention and showing your material in an eye-catching and remarkable presentation. These crisp, clear, visually stunning display panels are ideal for events, trade shows, exhibitions, product launches, and conferences because they are unsurpassed in their ability to enlarge your content and engage your audience. There is no better method for presenting visual content—whether the content consists of videos, advertisements, sponsorships, news feeds, social media, text, demonstrations, logos, promotion of live interviews, speakers or lectures, wayfinding, local info, scenic displays, webcasts—the options are endless.

Remarkably Customizable Configurations

While video walls are known for their beautiful image quality and astounding sizes, they offer an additional benefit—their size and configuration are remarkably customizable! Although we tend to think that “bigger is better,” in truth, the dimensions of the ideal screen depend entirely on the unique circumstances of each event. Video walls can be scaled to fit the available wall space and designed to present the desired content at its absolute best!

When determining the ideal video wall size, Event Planners, organizers and exhibitors should begin with the available wall space, consider the distance between the screens and the audience, and take into account the content that they intend to present.

Video walls can be configured in grid shapes, beginning with a basic rectangular display of 2×2 panels and moving up to a grid consisting of as many as 40 screens! Here are a few basic tips to help start the planning process and determine the exact video wall size for any setting:

  • Consider the layout of the room when you determine your ideal screen dimensions. Naturally, higher ceilings will allow a taller grid; lower ceilings benefit from a shorter, wider screen.
  • Consider the size and aspect ratio of the content that will be displayed. Some content scales well, but some should remain as close as possible to the original dimensions.
  • Determine the types and resolutions of your input sources.

Video Walls in 46 and 55 Inch Panels

SmartSource Technology Rentals uses NEC 46 inch or 55 inch video wall panels, which offer a remarkable number of benefits. Both sizes can be tile matrixed into any grid size—generally starting with a 2×2 orientation. The models work wonderfully and have benefits in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The NEC 46 inch video wall panels – offer a high resolution screen with a native resolution of 1366×768; however, our skilled technicians can fully scale the video wall by using each individual panel’s resolution to create a larger and higher resolution screen as needed. Each panel has inputs including analog standards, digital HDMI, and on to DVI orientation. These video walls give a trade show booth or corporate event a bright, vibrant pop!

The NEC 55 inch video wall panels – have a very thin bezel, which gives the display a crisp, seamless presentation. These screens offer resolution up to 1920×1080 and provide a full array of inputs: DVI, HDMI, display port, analogs and VGA, and also composite. They can be scaled in many different ways, using unique and varied paneling configurations, and either vertical or horizontal orientation—up to 40 or more panels as desired!

For more information, consider watching Robert Mink, National Project Manager for SmartSource Technology Rentals, as he demonstrates the 46 Inch LED Displays and 55 inch LED display panels.