Due to advances in computing power, bandwidth and storage, cloud computing is becoming the name of the game in the business community. It used to be that you backed up all your information to an external hard drive in case your computer failed. But now, it makes sense to back everything up to the cloud…and not just for recovery reasons but for security and sharing reasons as well.

According to Daniel Burrus, Innovation Expert and Global Futurist, cloud computing will transform the way we do the following:

  • Market our meetings
  • Communicate and collaborate with each other and
  • Train and educate attendees.

Today’s blog will focus on the definition of the different types of cloud computing and the meeting applicability for each one.

cloudCloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data. 


The services rendered over a network that is open for public use is the definition for this type of cloud. Service providers own and operate the infrastructure and offer access only via the Internet. Here are two examples of Cloud Computing providers:

Google Drive: 15 GB of free storage, Every meeting participant can use this for note-taking, photos and document sharing.

Apple iCloud Backup: 5 GB of free storage. It is a great backup system for iPads and iPhones.

Meeting Applicability: This type of cloud is great when you have an event where the public is invited into it whether they are physically there or not. Whatever is posted is totally public and transparent. The events that make the most sense are:

  • Marketing Events
  • Conference and Conventions
  • Corporate Roadshows or
  • Trade Shows


This is a cloud infrastructure that operates solely for a single organization or event. It is a secure system and allows any authorized employee or attendee to access the cloud from any device anywhere.

Meeting Applicability: This type of cloud is used where data is either sensitive or confidential. The event might be a:


This type of cloud computing is some combination of private and public cloud services from different providers.

Meeting Applicability: This type of cloud service is applicable where you have a private meeting that is part of a public event. Examples of this are:

  • A Board Retreat before an Association Meeting
  • A Vendor Meeting before a Trade Show
  • A Press Conference before a Convention

Whether it is public, private or a hybrid configuration, there a many benefits to cloud computing. They include:

  • Globalization of your meeting. Any attendee worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection and are authorized to do so.
  • Improved accessibility of information. Attendees, employees and clients can have access anytime or anywhere to the data.
  • Ability to duplicate successful meeting models. Cloud services are based on the collective learning and input of attendees and attendee feedback continues to deliver the best meeting results.

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