Companies exhibit in trade shows for many reasons–to collect sales leads, educate prospects, create brand awareness, or meet face to face with customers. Exhibitions provide a setting in which prospective customers come to them to experience products, share challenges, and get answers. Innovative tradeshow technology plays a vital role in making these interactions productive. Transparent displays, virtual reality gear, and LED wall rentals are some of the ways technology helps exhibitors achieve a return on objectives (ROO).

Seize every opportunity

Most companies exhibit to collect sales leads. It’s easier than ever to do with a lead retrieval mobile app that scans a visitor’s badge with the phone’s camera. The app helps sales reps qualify prospects with an easy-to-complete custom survey and uploads the lead data to the cloud where it can be retrieved anytime, anywhere. Apps are even more convenient than badge scanners because everyone in the booth has a mobile device.

Make them look

It’s hard to collect leads if exhibitors are unable to entice prospects to enter the booth. LED walls like the ones constructed from thin, lightweight BeMatrix LEDskin tiles add a backdrop of color, drama, and movement to an exhibit space. At the very least, they compel would-be visitors to stop and take a look. In the best-case scenario, they draw curious prospects into the booth. Innovative tradeshow technology like LED walls can represent products that otherwise would not fit in the booth. They can also double as presentation screens to complement a live demo.

Educate in layers

Customer education is not only a desirable objective for exhibitors; it’s crucial to making a sale. Transparent OLED displays transmit images onto a sheet of glass. Booth designers can overlay content–product descriptions, specifications, or pricing, for example– onto physical objects that sit behind the glass or embed the displays in booth walls as windows. The transparent HYPEBOX brings attention to smaller products behind the glass as prospective customers view and interact with images on the screen.

Reserve space in the customer’s brain

Because virtual reality (VR) makes products and presentations more memorable, it’s perfect for creating brand awareness. It makes sense to rent innovative tradeshow technology like expensive VR gear, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, and Google Daydream headsets, as well as touch controllers. Another way to impress would-be buyers is by using holograms visible through a Microsoft HoloLens headset. For example, imagine that a prospect wants to ask a technical question. The booth sales rep can bring in a holographic engineer to answer it.

Stand out in a crowd

Innovative tradeshow technology says something about an exhibiting company: it’s forward-thinking, creative, and invested in the visitor experience. It adds a distinctive sheen to whatever the company is selling and takes some of the burden off booth staff by telling its own story. Going the extra mile on presentations and prospect engagement, when done strategically with creative partners that offer total solutions, is an investment in wow that’s worth it.

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