As we enter into warmer more pleasant weather, all sorts of events, meetings, and gatherings are moving outdoors. Whatever, the reason, it is very easy to incorporate a projector and screen rental into your outside plans. Here are some ideas  on how to use this technology to jazz up the event.

Before beginning, lets set the bar on projectors. Many people think LCD projectors can only be viewed when the lights are down and the audience is still. This is not the case any longer! Technology is so advanced that there are many high-lumen projectors that work well in bright sunshine. In addition, screen rentals come in all sorts of sizes and configurations and can easily be configured for an outdoor event.

An outdoor event is usually more casual and festive. So, here are just a few ideas of what you can show on presentation services audio visual equipment:

    • At an employee gathering, you can show “a year in review”. This can be a running slide show of employee photos at events throughout the year.


    • For an employee retirement party, video can be prerecorded from individuals, integrated with photos, telling the story of the employee.


    • For an icebreaker, photos can be displayed with the question “Whose baby picture is this?” A prize can be given to the person with the most correct match ups.


    • Another icebreaker option can display one PowerPoint slide about each employee’s personal interests and hobbies. The attendees need to guess who it is.


    • At an employee, customer, and/or prospect event, a brief presentation can be made to informally “pitch” a product idea or service offering.


    • If multiple companies have now merged together, an outdoor event can be the caveat to explain the vision of the new organization and bring the company employees together.


  • At a ground breaking event, the CEO can show what the new building will look like and the vision of it’s use.

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