When you think of summer camp, visions of campfires, outdoor activities and s’mores probably dance in your head. But when you think of technology camps, something different probably appears – which may include nerdy boys sitting in front of a computer screen all summer long.

While Technology Camps don’t usually encompass the great outdoors, they also are not targeted exclusively to programmers and gamers. In fact, they DO have many of the same objectives as your typical camping environment. Today’s blog will define exactly what a technology summer camp is, what goes on in one and the state-of-the-art technology your school or organization must have to attract the best participants.

What is a Technology Summer Camp?

This camp is an exploratory, collaborative, self-paced learning experience for children typically between 7-18 years of age. Students use technology tools to build apps (such as a gaming app from scratch) or items (such as a prototype on a 3D printer).

What Should Students Take Away from the Experience?

Tech camps to should provide students with:

  • Hands-on practical experience with technology
  • A baseline for creative thinking skills with digital tools and
  • An understanding of the value of collaboration.

How Does It Work?

Either a teacher or technology consultant gives each student an assignment or they can go to a website and select a challenge. If it is a team assignment, the team should be in place prior to selection of the assignment.

What Elements Make Up a Great Camp?

Relevant to the Grade Level

Ideally, the camp should help students with the things they will be learning about in the upcoming school year. It should mirror what the students know and challenge them for what is ahead.

Social and Supportive

It should not be all about work; part of the camp should be fun! Most of the time should be spent building the three “Cs” – curiosity, courage and collaboration. Ideally, the students will walk out of the camp with a better relationship with their fellow classmates.

In addition, there should be more than one camp counselor in the classroom able to help out the students when they experience challenges and roadblocks.

Ability to Work at Their Own Pace

Camp, while it may look like a technology lab and classroom setting, needs to be relaxed enough that students can work at a pace they are comfortable with. It is important that they accomplish their objectives, but it doesn’t have to be at the pace of a normal school year structure.

Student Diversity

Technology camps should not be tailored toward nerds and boys – it should allow every student to understand how technology works and how they can use what they learn in their everyday life.


What Tools Are Required?


Desktop and laptop rentals should be fast enough and have enough storage to handle the following applications:

  • Gaming
  • Coding
  • Robotics and
  • Engineering

3D printers

Printer rentals

Fast, Robust Wi-Fi


SmartSource Rentals is Your Tech Camp Partner

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