How many times have you been to a PowerPoint presentation and you were squinting to see the data on the slide and frantically taking notes to keep up with the speaker? And how many times has the presenter said the following, "I know you can't read this, but…" or he or she looks at the slide and just moves on without an explanation? We have all be there and unfortunately, sometimes our presenters are just not in tune with what their viewing audience wants. 

The question is would you rather have a slide that looks like this: 

data rich

Or one like this (courtesy of the TED blog) : 


Of course the latter! But so many of our presenters need help to "think outside the slide". Andrea Driessen, Columnist for The Meeting Professional Magazine recently gave several tips to making PowerPoint presentations more effective.

Below are the key questions she suggests each speaker should be willing to answer as well as suggested ways PowerPoint presentation equipment can be used effectively. 


  1. What problem is your presentation solving? 
  2. Will the audience care and be emotionally connect to you after hearing your talk? 
  3. Is the content fresh and relevant?

    The worst thing is to have a presenter share information they were touting 6 months ago. If their presentation isn't changing, neither are they.  

  4. What is your one sentence takeaway?

    When Steven Jobs did the product launching event for the iPod he simply said, "1000 songs in your pocket."

    When John F. Kennedy introduced the Peace Corps he stated, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." 

  5. What will you use to convey your most important points?

    Effective tools, that can be integrated into the presentation services audio visual equipment include:

    1. Short videos
    2. Graphics
    3. Interviews
    4. Gamification
    5. Product demonstrations
    6. Success stories


  1. Microphone, Sound System, Laptop, LCD Projector and Screen Rental: This is the standard equipment for most PowerPoint presentations. Make certain everyone can see and hear the presenter as well as any video clips or music. 
  2. Plasma LCD Units: These can be used in place or in addition to standard screens. They can be placed in hard-to-view locations of the room or on the stage. 
  3. Video Walls: These units can be placed outside the room to allow individuals who need to step out of the meeting. Half of the wall can show the presentation and the other half the speaker. 
  4. Second Screen Technology: If you rent iPads, attendees can view the presentation right from this mobile device. 

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