Meeting in a Box. Meeting Toolkit. Audio Visual included as part of the standard venue contract. 

This is a meeting planner’s dream, right? Easy-peasy. You will handle the AV by rolling in the PowerPoint presentation equipment, following directions or relying on the venue to handle it. One less thing to worry about, right? Wrong! 

Audiovisual, computers and connectivity are vital to your meeting. Without presentation services equipment to give you the visuals and proper sound and lighting rentals you are dead in the water. Your attendees are mentally gone because even the best speaker in the world is no good to the audience if he/she cannot be seen and heard. Even worse, is if the PowerPoint presentation equipment freezes in the middle of the talk and the speaker has a meltdown waiting for it to be repaired. 

But in everyone’s constant quest to cut back on their budget, renting audio visual equipment from a professional organization seems costly when compared to the “meeting in a box” options listed above. Let’s examine the true costs of relying on an amateur versus a tried and true professional. 


An amateur will think they know what equipment they need and scramble at the last minute for additional conference rentals, thus boosting their overall AV costs. 

A professional will help you look good by vetting all the equipment needed for the event and putting those needs in writing.  


An amateur is responsible for setting up and tearing down the AV once or twice a year. 

A professional does this for a living and has a cadre of support staff including certified AV technicians, project managers, and account executives who setup, support and strike audio visual several times a week. 


An amateur sets up the same equipment meeting after meeting, year-after-year. 

A professional keeps up on meeting and event trends, invests in new equipment and can serve as a creative consultant to give you choices. 


An amateur retrofits the speaker’s presentation to the equipment. 

A professional understands what a speaker needs and provides the right equipment at the right time. 


An amateur calls the hotline, waits for a call back and shrugs their shoulders as to what the problem is and how it can be solved.

A professional is either onsite to fix the problem immediately or provides 24/7 telephone tech support with knowledgeable, courteous staff. 


But most of all, if the AV doesn’t work or isn’t right for the event, there is a good chance of losing your attendees for good,  which is the most costly of all!

Don’t take that chance! Rely on the professionals at SmartSource Rentals to meet and exceed your expectations with state-of-the-art interactive technology tool rentals! Give them a call at 800.888.8686 to get the process started today!