Here’s a reality check. Most trade show exhibitors are not technology integration specialists. While you may be able to connect a Bluetooth device with your PC, integrating trade show technology can be daunting. Yet, integrating technology is exactly what’s required to recoup costs and get the full benefit of the technology that makes an exhibit competitive in the trade show environment.

How to Integrate Trade Show Technology?

The answer is easier than you think. Hire an expert. Of course determining which expert is the best for your particular exhibit also requires some degree of expertise. We recommend using this checklist to find the expert who will achieve results without breaking the budget:

  1. Industry Expertise:

    Does the technology vendor have a specialization in event technology? Does it have ongoing alliances with leading trade show organizations and convention centers as a sponsor and/or an “Official” technology provider? A technology expert with intimate knowledge of a venue and a positive relationship with industry stakeholders can problem-solve on-the-fly and smooth a path to success when confronted with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. They know who to speak to and where to go to get things done.

  1. Expertise in Multiple Technologies:

    Does the vendor have a broad portfolio of event technology? Do they regularly work with event management software, lead retrieval software and mobile apps, displays, kiosks, audio visual and lighting equipment, as well as laptops, computers, iPads and tablets? A true technology integration specialist will work with an array of technologies and know how they speak to each other. They will know the capabilities of a technology in a stand-alone capacity, as well as an integrated one.

  1. Expert (and available!) Field Techs:

    Knowing how to drop off a laptop is not the same as knowing how to integrate a laptop with a display, or lead capture device or a kiosk. Certainly, it’s not the same as integrating all of those pieces together, often necessary in a truly competitive exhibit. Therefore, ask what you can expect from the field tech assigned to your exhibit. Will they connect all the devices and corresponding software? What is the protocol if something goes wrong after the set-up? How can you reach them in an emergency? Does your tech know the venue? When vetting a technology vendor, lay out specific expectations for the field techs. Choose the vendor who is willing to collaborate with you before the event to ensure your expectations are met. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Minimize the damage by having a solid and reliable Plan B with a vendor who views your success as their success and won’t let you down.

  1. A Winning Attitude:

    You want nothing short of a real “can-do” attitude in your event technology provider. Yes, expert technology integration requires technical knowledge, skills, and experience across all phases of the installation/integration, from set-up to testing. It also, however, requires individuals who demonstrate a willingness to persist and diligently troubleshoot when technology glitches occur, as they often do. You want a team that is professional, upbeat and carries on until the solution is operating at peak performance. Choose the vendor who understands that your success is their success.

Choosing the right technology vendor will help ensure maximum benefit from their trade show participation. Integrate your event technology at your next exhibit. Contact our trade show technology solutions experts today for a consultation.