messyTechnology — if used correctly — should provide positive impact to every area of your event from registration to feedback. It is meant to save time, resources and amplify content. Yet, many planners still are not using it because they don't want to change the status quo, are uncomfortable with technology or are unsure of what they need. 

Let's take a look at some of the old and new ways of running a typical meeting and the benefits the right technology can offer to you. 

OLD WAY: Gather testimonials from paper surveys about your meeting and post them on your website several days or weeks later. 

NEW WAY: Rent iPads for attendees — preloaded with social media — that allows attendees to amplify the content, speakers and post testimonials on a real time basis.

BENEFITS: Rather than waiting on your webmaster to post "old" data, attendees are providing fresh, conversational postings themselves which lend to more credibility for your event. 

OLD WAY: Print paper conference binders that attendees have to lug around —  in addition to their laptop and smartphone. 

NEW WAY: Utilize meeting apps that allow attendees to BYOD to the meeting or rent Tablet PCs that are light and easy for attendees to carry around at the conference. 

BENEFITS: Major savings on printing, assembling, shipping and storing binders. In addition, content can be updated and changed instantaneously. 

OLD WAY: Complete paper surveys and have staff members enter them into an Excel spreadsheet. 

NEW WAY: Secure Audience Response System rental units where attendees can answer questions instantly, anonymously and the data can be retained for further analysis. 

BENEFITS: Your staff is freed up to do other event related tasks, participation is greatly improved and it is very easy for attendees to complete the survey. 


OLD WAY: Gather leads by collecting business cards at your booth. 

NEW WAY: Rent a lead retrieval system that can capture accurate data about the attendee in a few seconds. 

BENEFIT: More qualified and accurate leads will be collected because you will know exactly what product information each attendee wants.  


OLD WAY: Rely on the venue's Wi-Fi system, even if it doesn't have enough bandwidth. 

NEW WAY: Understand the apps, uses and devices for your meeting and plan Wi-Fi use accordingly including the possibility of renting a network array

BENEFIT: Before the meeting starts, you will have a good handle on bandwidth needs and have the right solution implemented. 


OLD WAY: Let the presenter do all the talking and keep your sessions long. 

NEW WAY: Keep your sessions short and let the attendees drive the meeting through their questions and comments generated from their mobile devices. 

BENEFIT: Attendees are driving content direction thus making them feel it is their meeting, not yours. 


OLD WAY: The meeting will either be face-to-face or a webinar. 

NEW WAY: Hybrid meetings allow the best of both worlds. 

BENEFIT: Attendees who really want to be at the meeting, but cannot be due to workload or budgetary demands, can view and participate in the event on a real-time basis. 


AV Event Solutions has state-of-the art interactive technology tool rentals and a full grasp of how technology benefits meeting organizers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. They are ready and willing to help you deliver better, technology driven events.