Boo! As we approach Halloween 2015, it’s a good time for your company to take stock of what you did right at past events, and what you can improve on.

We know that in today’s technology driven society, finding and using the right event technology in creative and effective ways can be the key to achieving the results you’re looking for.

Event technology can help increase event attendance 20%, increase productivity 27%, and decrease costs 20-30%. -Frost & Sullivan


If one of the primary purposes of exhibiting at events is to increase your customer base, and you ended up with lackluster results in past years, you must ask yourself…

Did potential customers find your event technology to be a treat? Or did it feel more like a trick?


Event technology done poorly not only scares potential customers away, it can even damage how people view your brand. On the flip side, event technology, done properly, creates countless positive benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Making you stand out and drawing attention to your company
  • Providing that valuable WOW factor
  • Making it easier to gather customer information
  • Informing potential customers of your value
  • Inviting potential customers to become part of your brand experience
  • Converting potential customers into actual customers
  • Supporting your event staff so that they can spend more time forming relationships with potential customers
  • Enhancing how customers experience your brand
  • Demonstrating that your company is cutting edge


There are several key factors to focus on so that your technology works effectively for you rather than becoming a frightful mess.

  1. Your technology needs to keep working.

This seems basic, yet you’re certainly experienced being at an event where something went wrong with the technology. The only thing worse than no interactive technology at an event is technology that doesn’t work at all, or doesn’t work as expected or as needed. Not only should you make sure all your tech equipment is up-to-date and running, you need someone on site to keep it that way. If you don’t have the staff or expertise to do this, hire someone who does or rent your event technology from SmartSource to guarantee that everything goes as planned.

2.  You must have fast and reliable WiFi. Period.

Almost 60% of event planners ranked on-site technology as high in importance, with internet connection (wireless or wired) as the technology most needed for a successful meeting.  Source: Destination Hotels & Resorts

There is no getting around this one. If the event venue or host can not guarantee that you will have reliable WiFi when you need it, then rent your own WiFi router.

       3.  Your chosen technology needs to support your event goals.

Any technology you use needs to support your goals and also be engaging to potential customers. Use custom programming so that you get exactly what you want and come up with creative ways for your equipment to enhance your brand message in ways customers enjoy. For example, 59% of exhibition attendees want to see product demonstrations, and 58% like to have hands-on product interaction.   Source: Event Marketing Stats

SmartSource Rentals – Your Solution for Friendly Technology

There is no point in having technology for any event that does not serve a distinctive purpose such as drawing customers in, creating friendly interaction, and enhancing your brand messaging while selling goods or services.

And the last thing you want to do is invest the time and money in an event that isn’t successful for your company. So for your next event don’t let your technology scare potential customers away. Use SmartSource Rentals to guarantee you have the equipment and expertise you need. Call us at 800.888.8686 or request a quote today.  

Happy Halloween from SmartSource Rentals!