For many business events, lead retrieval is a vital part of achieving the necessary ROI. Event Data Services is the umbrella category that helps event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors make the real connections they need to form with attendees—gathering actionable data that gives an accurate picture of the event’s success, while also giving sales teams the networking and contact information that brings revenue.
Versatile Lead Generation Options
SmartSource Rentals offers a wide variety of products, ranging from mobile apps for use on iPads or Android tablets to physical scanning devices utilizing an Android system, as well as offering hardware devices with Bluetooth printer connectivity.
Depending on the circumstances of each event, business, exhibitor, trade show display, association or organization, the following six options can provide the ideal scanning set-up—making lead retrieval easy and effective for both organizers and attendees!

1. Expo Tools AT700 Device
This all-inclusive device contains the scanner inside the application, and offers the following features:
• Total touchscreen interface
• Simple two-button operation activating scanning
• Conveniently beeps when it picks up the barcode
• Instantly retrieves information based on the individual’s badge
• Accesses built-in qualifiers or allows you to create your own
• Battery use that lasts for the entire show
• Data viewing on an as-needed basis, both in real-time during the show or afterwards

2. Swiftium
This Android-based hand-held scanner is a slimmed down version of the scanner itself, offering the following characteristics:
• Sits nicely in the palm of the hand
• Buttons positioned on both sides are convenient for right- and left-handed use
• Scans 3 to 4 inches from barcodes
• Simply press to receive a plus sign and beep when the barcode is picked up
• Instantly retrieves information based on the individual’s badge
• A simple tap allows note-taking
• Built-in qualifiers are also customizable to your association or company needs
• Easily select qualifiers that apply to each individual
• Edit function allows you to review information, go back, and make changes
• When charged at the end of the day, the battery sled lasts the entire event—allowing you to have full scanning ability

3. Android System on Tablets and Phones
Fittingly, the Android system also works on Android tablets, offering the following advantages:
• Tablets scan through the camera on the device
• Scans at 3 to 4 inches from the barcode
• Instantly retrieves information based on the individual’s badge
• Same system is used for phones, and it allows a combination of phones and tablets to be used for scanning convenience and versatility
• Option allows for multiple types of scanners in your booth, with no learning curve

4. Scanner Attached to a Tablet
This option is ideal for individuals that prefer the larger size of a tablet but also want the scanning capabilities, allowing these benefits:
• Combining a big screen with quick scanning by placing the scanner directly onto the back of the tablet
• Through the scanning application, offers a quick and efficient read without using the camera on the device
• More “real estate” on the screen for note-taking and qualifying the individuals

5. App Download on Existing Devices
For individuals who would prefer to add scanning capability to their existing devices, this option uses an iPad or tablet with software called “LeadValu” built onto the system, offering aspects such as:
• A system that is intuitive and easy to use from familiar devices
• Option to scan, create a new lead, or recall the last badge
• Simply clicking “scan” opens the camera and pulls information from a badge
• Allows note-taking in the notes field
• Provides a pop-up keyboard
• Supplies qualifiers

6. Compact Epson Printer
This addition to our lead generation offerings is designed for events that need efficiency. It provides the following capabilities:
• Compact printing system
• Printer uses roll paper and cuts badges specifically to the desired badge size
• Ethernet and USB capability through multiple ports
• No wasted badge stock
The Specific Choices that Suit Individual Preferences
SmartSource Rentals offers lead generation products that will suit any preference and enhance your experience at events. View our complete demonstration of Event Data Service technology rentals or request a quote today!